inGen Dynamics Acquires Magnus – A Blockchain Company for Robotics and AI Automation


PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2021 / Today, inGen Dynamics announced the acquisition of Magnus, an AI robotics and automation blockchain company. It seeks to harness the incredible benefits of using Blockchain as part of its collective set of emerging technologies.

InGen Dynamics sees the acquisition as strategic for its plans for the autonomous orchestration of its AI-compatible robots. Decentralized Magnus Robotics and AI Automation Network to Become a Core Part of the inGen Dynamics Origami PlatformMT.

We are excited to integrate the power and benefits of Blockchain into inGen Dynamics solutions,” noted Eric Egnet, co-founder and strategy director of inGen Dynamics. “The addition of Magnus and its smart smart contract technology fits perfectly with our strategic growth plans. Magnus is an incredibly advanced AI robotics and automation platform that will enable orchestration and hyper-automation of our AI-enabled robots around the world.

Magnus is the first truly decentralized Blockchain platform that enables communication of AI agents, robots, sensors, and more, as well as human interactions, creating an interoperable global ecosystem for robotic activities and tasks. inGen Dynamics will modularly integrate the decentralized Magnus network into its revolutionary, next-generation Origami Platform ™.

The Origami ™ platform serves as an artificial brain, neural process orchestrator and central nervous system that intelligently activates all inGen Dynamics products and AI-based robots. The revolutionary platform design is based on a framework of AI and robotics components, deep learning and machine learning algorithms, software and hardware interfaces, communication protocols and Internal robotic subsystems that have been designed and advanced since the inception of the company.

Orchestrating the complex interdependencies between technology, business processes and human input requires identifying the right combinations of emerging technologies to achieve the desired result, “declared Founder and CEO Archad hisham. “The inclusion of Magnus Blockchain technology within the Origami ™ platform will provide exponential benefits, capabilities and huge opportunities to enhance our global product lines.

Three business factors which stimulate the sustained technological advancement of the company and the innovation of its products:

  1. The Origami ™ platform has been operational in production and has accumulated over 500,000 hours of customer deployments worldwide.
  2. inGen Dynamics, with its growing portfolio of solutions, envisions further steps beyond the $ 225 million valuation in 2021.
  3. The Origami ™ platform is expected to enable, fuel and deliver approximately $ 25 billion in robotics industry activity in the years to come.

July 26e, 2021, inGen Dynamics Announced $ 50 Million Investment Commitment from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS (“GEM”), the $ 3.4 billion Luxembourg-based alternative private investment group with offices in Paris, Nassau (Bahamas), New York and Los Angeles. GEM manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets and has completed more than 440 transactions in 72 countries.

Recent round of funding brings the total funding commitment to $ 54 million at the most recent valuation of $ 225 million“, noted Jawad Farooq, co-founder and CFO. “We are committed to growth and innovation as we strive to introduce new technological breakthroughs that deliver real value and benefits to the market. The acquisition of Magnus is a prime example of this as we seek to bring the power of Blockchain to The Origami Platform ™.“.

About inGen Dynamics
inGen Dynamics is an AI and robotics company dedicated to positively influencing the global perception of intelligent machines. We create smart and innovative solutions that simplify the complexities of life. Our passion is to combine cutting edge technology with everyday life. Bridging the gap between science fiction and reality, we offer smart and innovative products that solve real world problems and improve lifestyles.

inGen Dynamics and its products have been featured and featured in leading global home security and robotics research reports and VentureBeat, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, IEEE, Fortune, PopSci, Forbes, BCG, Discovery, Mashable and the Edison Awards.

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