inGen Dynamics joins the NVIDIA Inception program


PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – December 13, 2021 – Today, inGen Dynamics announces that it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to support startups that are revolutionizing industries through advances in AI and data science.

inGen Dynamics has developed the Origami ™ platform, which serves as an artificial brain, neural process orchestrator and central nervous system that intelligently activates all inGen Dynamics products and AI-based robots. The revolutionary platform design is based on a framework of AI and robotics components, deep learning and machine learning algorithms, software and hardware interfaces, and internal robotic subsystems. which have been designed and advanced since the beginning of the company. The company plans to leverage NVIDIA’s innovative portfolio of technologies to further extend the capabilities of the Origami platform.

NVIDIA Inception will benefit inGen Dynamics by providing compute and development resources and access to NVIDIA’s global network of deep learning experts and thought leaders. It will also help accelerate international awareness and adoption of inGen Dynamics’ robot, surveillance, automation and connected device solutions.

“We are thrilled to join NVIDIA Inception, which supports our mission of making robots accessible to homes and businesses around the world,” said Arshad Hisham, Founder and CEO of inGen Dynamics. “The program will support our expansion into new markets and ensure that our technology offering continues to be a leader in the industry. “

NVIDIA Inception helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. Each Inception member receives a personalized set of ongoing benefits, which may include hardware grants, marketing support, NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, and training with deep learning experts.

inGen Dynamics is based on the core mission of creating products that would improve, improve and simplify people’s lives. The company set out to create groundbreaking AI-based robotic solutions for safety and security, health and wellness, personal lifestyle, and children’s education. Over the years, its cutting-edge product development and modern engineering have enabled the startup to achieve and achieve these early goals. inGen Dynamics solves real-world challenges with disruptive innovation and manufactures intelligent AI-based robots that deliver sleek design, ease of use and unmatched user experience.

“Our commitment to improving lives through innovation and excellence, with cutting-edge design and next-generation solutions, is what fuels our continued growth and our exciting future,” said Junaise Kodiyalathu, Co-Founder and COO of inGen Dynamics. “The entire portfolio of AI-based robots uses the amazing, groundbreaking and groundbreaking Origami platform inGen Dynamics. Our products intelligently integrate with your existing home network, business environment, and security infrastructure, making their deployment incredibly simple, efficient and cost effective.

About inGen Dynamics

inGen Dynamics is an AI and robotics company dedicated to positively influencing the global perception of intelligent machines. inGen Dynamics creates smart and innovative solutions that simplify the complexities of life, based on the passion to bring cutting-edge technology to everyday life. Bridging the divide between science fiction and reality, inGen Dynamics offers smart and innovative products that solve real world problems and improve lifestyles.

inGen Dynamics and its products have been featured and featured in leading global home security and robotics research reports including VentureBeat, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, IEEE, Fortune, PopSci, Forbes, BCG, Discovery, Mashable and the Edison Awards.

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