Is Pokemon Legends Arceus connected to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?


OK OK. Maybe fate betrayed me and I was completely wrong about my prediction regarding the next wave of DLC for Sword and Shield because I hadn’t taken into account that Nintendo was just going to give it up. But listen to me on this next one.

Pokémon Legends Arceus comes out within the same six-month period as Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shiny Pearl Pokémon, remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. And while the art styles and gameplay mechanics are completely different, these games actually have something huge in common – as I noticed while watching and writing about the massive Pokemon Presents on August 18th.

See in Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Pokemon shiny pearl, it’s the same story as the people who played Diamond and Pearl came to expect. It’s your character who gets gym badges and fights the mysterious Team Galactic led by silver-haired Cyrus.

But in Pokémon Legends Arceus, you are not competing to be the best in gym battles and all that. Instead, you’re working on completing the very first Pokedex and researching Pokémon that, until now, we’ve barely started to understand. Helping you are members of your research team. Specifically, the Galaxy Research Team led by Silver-haired Cyllene.

* waves to Zack Morris-esque * Pause!

Do you see it?

We already know that the region of Pokémon Legends Arceus is the place that will one day be known as the Sinnoh region in which diamond and pearl place, but look at the teams.

Both games have a team with similar names. One with Galaxy, one with Galactic, in their titles.

Both teams have a silver-haired person at the helm with a very chiseled face, silver hair, and names starting with Cy.

Okay, isn’t that enough? Let’s look at the logos. The logo on the left is the infamous Team Galactic logo while the one on the right is the new Galaxy Research Team logo.

Now please forgive the art. Nintendo is a bit stingy on image rights, so instead, I just sketched them out on a little piece of yellow Origami paper, but felt like I drew them pretty well.

So what’s up with this? Could we, in addition to the Pokedex, Pokeballs and other pillars, also witness the origin of Team Galaxy? I feel like it may actually have a bigger role in the story itself than even Arceus.

Personally, however – and I mentioned this in my post about Pokemon Legends Arceus images in the recent Pokemon Direct – I have a feeling that Cyllene will become the Villain is a Red Herring. The real money is on Commander Kamado, the ancestor of Professor Rowan from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Like, come on, it’s still the military.

But that’s not where the similarities end. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, there is a mysterious energy that creates beams of light. When Pokémon are too close to these vertical pillars of light, their eyes turn red and become uncontrollable and dangerous. Where have we heard something like this happen before?

Well yes, Monster Hunter Stories 2 had the same story but where ELSE?

In Team Galactic, Cyrus had siphoned off the energy of the “Keepers of the Lake,” Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf, to create something called the Red Chain. The red chain was a shiny thing that almost looked like prayer beads, and when one of the beads was placed on a Pokémon’s head, it provided control over them, often used as violent weapons. Cyrus did this to control the Keepers of the Lake for a brief will and even used it to control Dialga and Palkia. And the big sign that a Pokémon was being controlled by this otherworldly power? Glowing. Red. Eyes.

Oh but wait, there is more!

In Pokémon Legends Arceus, you are going to be introduced to Professor Laventon who, if you check the link on his name, appears to have a lot of similar characteristics, from color scheme and body position to Galactic Team Commander, Charon.

One really interesting thing about Charon is that by digging around the galactic base you can find Rotom’s chamber. A room in which Rotom can jump into different machines. In addition, there are also two notebooks.

The first notebook is a notebook belonging to Charon himself. In it, Charon recounts how he found a remarkably old notebook with information about Rotom. He’s not sure who originally owned it, but writes about how he keeps information secret because he wants all the credit for finding out about Rotom.

The second notebook is the one mentioned in the first. It’s an incredibly old notebook and in this one you read a much longer passage in which someone from a long time ago describes the discovery of the Rotom and befriends it. While the tech featured in the journal may be more advanced than the Legends Arceus timeline, it still wouldn’t be so … wacky … given it looks like they’re already making technological advancements by looking at Mechanical Pokeballs and the Galarian Koffing shaped piping system emerging from the research building. But I think Laventon and Charon are also related.

Seeing how the Galaxy Research Team develops into Team Galactic is going to be really interesting but, as both games release in the same six month period, I’d be really interested to see if Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl also include little nods of head. at the events of Legends Arceus.

Hopefully we’ll see in the next few months when both games drop.


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