Jung Eun Ji, Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa love to hang out over drinks in dramatic new posters


Upcoming drama “Work Later, Drink Now” (also known as “City Girl Drinkers”) has released new posters of the main characters!

Based on a webtoon, “Work Later, Drink Now” is about three women whose life beliefs revolve around drinking a drink after leaving work. Lee Sun Bin plays TV screenwriter Ahn So Hee, Han Sun Hwa plays yoga teacher Han Ji Yeon, and Apink’s Jung Eun Ji plays origami YouTuber Kang Ji Goo. Super Junior’s Choi Siwon stars as Kang Book Goo, a variety show production manager (PD).

In the main poster, Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, and Kang Ji Goo enjoy sipping alcohol through straws. The poster captures the unique charms of each of the three characters with Ahn So Hee adorably puffing up his cheeks while drinking, Kang Ji Goo staring straight ahead with a cynical gaze, and Han Ji Yeon sporting a subtle smile.

To celebrate the drama’s release, the original webtoon writer Mikkang created a special poster featuring a drawing of the three close friends drinking together in the same manner as the actors. Like the main poster, the top text reads: “Let’s not put off drinking from today until tomorrow,” while the liquor bottles have the phrase “A drama that ends with drunkenness.” alcohol at each development ”, once assembled. Kang Ji Goo holds a second bottle with the label “fast beer”, while Han Ji Yeon reads “another beer”. Mikkang’s energetic work provides insight into the fantastic chemistry of the three main characters.

The relatable and touching story will air on TVING on October 22.

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