Kize Bae Collaborates With Make A Wish Foundation For “1000 Paper Cranes”


Austin-based Korean-American musician Kize Bae has released her latest single, “1000 Paper Cranes,” in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The single is an upbeat, vibrant and invigorating ode to the bravery of young children battling terminal cancer.

Originally a YouTuber turned singer-songwriter, Kize Bae embarked on her musical journey in 2020 when she spontaneously took on a songwriting challenge. It turned into magic when she fell in love with combining the power of words with the expression of music to express a message or tell a story. “1000 Paper Cranes” drips with its magic of storytelling and words, brimming with hope, love and happiness. The slow-burning groove melds seamlessly with Kize’s soaring vocals in a lush indie-pop soundscape tinged with anthemic hip-hop influences.

Image source: Kize Bae via Instagram

Kize Bae’s musical style is an amalgamation of various genres, including Indie-pop, Pop and Hip-Hop, which showcases his talent for world-building and storytelling through words over verse melodies. ear. Her collaboration sees the rising artist create an installation that is auctioned off at their annual gala, with the proceeds used to fund a wish.

Speaking about the track and the collaboration with Make A Wish, Kize said:

“After recording the song in my bedroom, I also made 1000 paper cranes with the help of friends and family for a YouTube challenge and managed to make them all in a month. then contacted the Make a Wish Foundation to see if the cranes could be donated, and they loved the idea and the concept.

An ancient legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes…will have a wish granted by the gods. The entire journey of making 1000 Paper Cranes and working with Make A Wish has been documented in an accompanying music video. which you can watch below!

Listen to “1000 Paper Cranes” by Kize Bae below:

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