KY Woman shares the rule to follow to help your children love each other


Do you love yourself? Are you positive when talking about yourself or yourself to others? If you don’t love yourself, I mean truly love who you are inside and out, you might pass your negative feelings about yourself onto your children without even realizing it.

I’m not talking about your kids looking at you negatively, they love you no matter what you look like, how much you weigh or even how badly you behave. I’m talking about how they see themselves.

If you’re always talking badly about yourself, you’re inadvertently teaching them that’s how you’re supposed to treat yourself. Critical, harsh, ruthless, unloving and negative.

How you treat yourself is how they will treat themselves. So please think about it the next time you talk or treat yourself badly. Little ears listen and little eyes watch.

A Kentucky mom shares a rule to help kids learn to love themselves

Owensboro native Mary Duke is now a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and owner of My Sunshine Birth Services in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She’s also a pretty amazing mom. Mary posted a rule on her Facebook page that will help teach your children that they don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

Here is his Facebook post,

I have a rule that I never told my children. If ever one of them asks me to take a picture, I will always say yes, no matter how I look or how I feel. When they show me this photo, I always say: “I love me!” Or “I’m so pretty!”. I don’t talk negatively about my appearance around my kids. Even with 30 pounds of pregnancy and nursing weight, I will not speak negatively about my body to my children. Choosing not to avoid a camera, mirror, or spotlight is an extension of that.

After 6 years of being kind to myself for the sake of my children, I learned the secret. It becomes less of an act and your reality. You end up believing the words you say to yourself.

Photo credit: Baby Duke Brown

Photo credit: Baby Duke Brown

The photo above was taken by her child. I, along with the world, but especially Mary, think the photo is beautiful and the message behind it is so powerful.

Mary DukeFacebook’s post has been viewed over 3 million times. Clearly, the world needed Mary’s message and her positive, loving and insightful spirit.

A short film teaches children to love themselves

I found a great animated short to teach kids to love themselves for their uniqueness, all they are and all they can do. Your kids should watch the video. This is another perfect way to help your kids see themselves in a positive light.

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