Learn how to make a cute origami cat finger puppet


This traditional origami cat is a fun craft you can do with your child this weekend.

This origami puppet has a cute cat face, but by designing a different face or bending the ears differently, you can create different animal faces, such as a bat or a dog. Decorate these miniature faces with sequins, sequins and ribbons for a fun craft activity. Although this is a child-friendly project, pleating may require adult assistance.

What do you need

  • 1 square sheet of paper, one side white, the other colored
  • Markers
  • Sequins, sequins and ribbons

How to do it

Step 1: Fold the paper in half, starting with the white side facing you. Make a diamond with your paper, the lower corner facing you.
Fold the paper in half vertically (from left to right) then unfold it. There will be a crease in the middle of the paper. Then fold the paper in half horizontally (from the top corner to the bottom corner). Keep it folded this way.

Step 2: The right corner should be folded down to the bottom center point. Fold the left corner down to the center. Then fold the right flap up from the center. Position the flap at a 90 degree angle to the straight edge.

Step 3: Fold the left flap the same way the right flap was folded. From the bottom to the top point, fold one layer up. For now, keep one layer down. Flip the puppet.

Step 4: The left and right edges should now be folded inwards. Maintain a clean fold. Fold the bottom section up to the top point.

Step 5: The upper midpoint should be folded over. Fold the layers from the top midpoint all the way down. Make the folds as neat as possible. Flip the puppet.

Step 6: Draw the eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth with a marker. Let the puppet slide over your child’s finger by opening the bottom.

To watch a YouTube tutorial on making your finger puppet, click below. Credit: Folds of paper – Origami and crafts!


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