Like dad, son! KIRIGAMI – a fascinating exhibition of pop-up paper art by Sarwin Chandran


Like dad, son! KIRIGAMI – a pop-up exhibition of paper art by artist Sarwin Chandran, the son of award-winning artist John Chandran

Mangaluru: Sometimes art runs in the family, and throughout history there have been many examples, and here we have a local father and son duo, both artists in this article. Creativity starts at home. And for many, their first artistic inspiration comes from the seed planted by their dads. Whether it’s listening to the old man’s old records, admiring his abilities with a paintbrush, or simply hanging out together watching a show, our quirky role models have a huge influence on who we are on the creative plan.

Dads often lead by example – so while they’ve blazed their own trail and lived a happy, fulfilling life because of it, the lure of following in their footsteps can sometimes be overwhelming, even subconscious. And here we have one of the dads who passed on their love of creativity to their kids. Meet Sarwin Chandran who followed in his father’s footsteps to become a Pop-Up Paper Art artist, and his wide range of creations. are displayed during the two-day exhibition at Prasad Art Gallery, Ballabagh in Mangaluru. Sharwin carved out a similar niche to his father, with his unique Pop-Up art, and followed his father’s artistic talents. John Chandran’s ability as an art teacher obviously paid off, with his son Sarwin clearly inspired by his deeds. An artist in his own right, John has passed on another crucial element of the artistic ecosystem to the next generation of his family – Arts Philanthropy, and his son, Sarwin, is taking it to greater heights.

Art is the most authentic expression of the human soul, shaped in images, words, sounds and movements, enduring reflections that describe the history of humanity to us. Art is the expression of deep thoughts in the simplest way, and a group of Sarwin’s relatives, friends and classmates had gathered for the opening of the Pop-up Paper Art exhibition. , a celebration of the creativity and talent of the young mind. They were all gathered to testify to this creativity supported by courage and built by perseverance, constancy which is displayed at the Pop-Up Art Exhibition. Creativity takes courage. Everyone has diverse and vivid imaginations, but it only takes one extraordinary person with determination and dedication to make those imaginations a reality.

It’s amazing when skills and passion come together. With a deep interest in physics and being a passionate artist, Sarwin Chandran incorporated physics into his works of KIRIGAMI, a variant of ORIGAMI that stems from the principle of creations on a single sheet of paper. Beauty lies in symmetry, and this connects the two realms Physique and Kirigami. Kirigami – a variant of Origami, stems from the principle of single-sheet paper creations, with the possibility of cutting the paper, if necessary. Kirigami comes from the Japanese words “Kiri” (cut) and “Kami” (paper). Physics and Kirigami are two related fields, due to their underlying reliance on nature’s symmetries.

Sarwin Chandran, the proud son of John Chandran and Mrs. Sushma Chandran, is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies at St. Aloysius College, Mangaluru. A passionate quizzer and artist that he is, he is a person full of skills, talents and his charm hypnotizes those who meet him. He’s an absolute gem, a total down-to-earth personality, being a National Doodle Finalist for Google when he was 8 years old and a State Level Finalist for the Office Art Contest energy efficiency a few years later. Paper crafts and pop-ups have fascinated him since he was a child and he cites his father, himself an artist, as his main source of inspiration and support.

The inauguration of the exhibition took place on Monday, May 9, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. at the Prasad Art Gallery, in the presence of the guest of honor Sunil Abraham, director of Kala-vision, joined by the guests of honor Rev. Dr. Praveen Martis SJ, Principal of St. Aloysius College, Mangaluru; Lawrence JM Pinto, head of the physics department at St. Aloysius College; Koti Prasad Alva, the owner of Prasad Art Gallery, Dr. Alwyn D’sa, Registrar of St Aloysius College, Dr. Ganesh Somayaji, a senior professional artist, among others.

SARWIN seen with his dad JOHN CHANDRAN and his mum Mrs. SUSHMA CHANDRAN

Speaking on the occasion, guest star Sunil Abraham recounted Kirigami in detail and applauded Sarwin for following in his father’s footsteps, and wished him every success in his new artistic talents. (More on Sunil Abraham’s speech, watch the video below). Guest of honor Lawrence J.M. Pinto also applauded Sarwin and said he was proud to be Sarwin’s professor in the physics department. He also wished Sarwin every success in his artistic field. Students say that Lawrence is truly a loyal college physics teacher who is loved by his dear students for his unique teaching styles. (More on his speech, watch the video below). Another proud person was guest of honor Reverend Dr Praveen Martis SJ, the Principal of St Aloysius College, who said the institution was proud to have an artistic and talented Sharwin, and he made sure to support of all kinds from the College in its efforts. (For more on Father Praveen’s speech, watch the video below). Dr. Ganesh Somayaji also spoke and applauded Sarwin’s artistic and unique talents.

Read more about John Chandran – he is an art teacher at St Aloysius Secondary School-Mangaluru – and winner of the District’s Best Teacher Award and the Rotary Club-Mangalore Nation Builder Award, is a versatile artist and his repertoire of talents is varied. Although he is also gifted as an artist, illustrator and graphic designer, it is for his cartoons and caricatures that John is best known. As a cartoonist, he is particularly good at drawing silent cartoons. His works have appeared in many newspapers and magazines and he has been selected three times for the famous cartoon exhibition of Hindustan Times Delhi. A highlight of his life was when a major newspaper chose to exhibit his works alongside those of masters like RK Laxman and Ajit Ninan.

His work has graced the pages of daily Kannada Udayavani, Janavahini, Sudha, Taranga, Tushara, E-Desha, Mangala, various web portals, DSERT Text Book, Orthodontics Textbook, Konkani Text Book, etc. strenuous effort. After graduating in Arts, John went on to obtain his DMC, AM from Mahalasa School of Art and University of Hampi qualifying him as a Master of Art and since 1994 he has been employed as an Art Teacher at the century-old St. Aloysius School. High School, Mangaluru.

The invocation through a prayer song was sung by Miss Gauthami CS, a 2nd year St Aloysius B Sc student, and the welcoming speech was delivered by Dale D’souza, a Sarwin pal and budding artist . The program was eloquently presented by Miss Lizan Meryl Pereira, Sarwin’s classmate at St Aloysius College.

In conclusion, the world always seems brighter when you just created something that didn’t exist before. Sarwin has made the world around us brighter with his magnificent creations and displaying them to prominent crowds. The exhibition will be open to the public until May 11. The Mangalorean team asks you all to spread the word and be a part of Sarwin’s pop-up art journey! Thank you!

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