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BY ALEXANDRA MCCRACKEN for Neighborhood Extra

These days, Lincoln Arts Festival attendees don’t just come to buy art. The event, now in its 21st year, remains focused on the fine arts while continuing to evolve and grow to reach a wider range of art lovers.

“The annual event is a celebration of the arts in Lincoln,” said Troy Gagner, executive director of Lincoln Arts. “We have taken many steps to make this free and inclusive event a true artistic and cultural experience.”

One such step is the Lincoln Arts Festival’s addition of “Creative Zones” – a way for attendees to engage in arts activities, learn new techniques and network with the arts crowd, regardless of their intention to buy. Each “zone” uses art to reflect important topics of today, including sustainability, advocacy and innovation.

Located in the center of the yard, Nolan Tredway’s Trash Dome will highlight the festival’s “Eco Zone,” where attendees can get inspired to create art from found objects or compostable materials.

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To the west, visitors can contribute to a large collaborative project led by The PALETTE Project and artist Kat Wiese in “The Art of Advocacy Zone”, and help create a portrait of local BIPOC space creator Mary Lawson .

Further down Canopy Street, artist Ann Williams will create art and collect data simultaneously in the “Zone of Innovation and Industry”. This artistic structure will be shaped by the experiences of festival-goers, creating a one-of-a-kind work that represents the community that created it.

As always, each activity allows for participation of all ages, but the festival offers additional activities curated especially for young creatives through the “Kids Zone”, including face painting, music making, origami and more. .

Along with enjoying art experiences, demonstrations and activities like no other, attendees can listen to new sounds, munch on international cuisines and shop the streets to make their next big art purchase at the all-new Lincoln Arts Festival, June 18 and 19, on Canopy Street and in the Railyard in downtown Lincoln. For more details on the event – and the “Zone”, go to


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