“Lush” worlds created from finely cut paper flowers and plants


Based in Vancouver, Canada, contemporary paper artist Tara Lee Bennett creates intricate creations from tiny pieces of paper. The elaborate detail of each of his works is dizzying, the intricate assemblage of each tiny piece flourishing as a whole. In his latest series Lush, the artist turns to plants “both real and imagined” as inspiration for elaborate flower beds of paper flowers grown in a monochrome color palette to draw attention to the delicate details of each meticulous cut .

“I was born in Zimbabwe and one of my earliest memories is my grandmother’s giant garden,” Bennett told My Modern Met. “It was full of flowers. I like to think that I often re-imagine and recreate these flowers from memory. Basically everything I imagine and create is an impression of something that I have seen, put together in a way that I find beautiful.

Working from his shared studio – where painters, a jewelry maker, an engraver and even his little dog Frida feed his creative energy – Bennett devotes himself to the tedious process of cutting, gluing and assembling each piece until that it is ready to be framed and displayed. And the beauty of each freshly cut flower is a beacon of hope for the future.

“My current work celebrates the themes of growth and renewal,” explains the artist. “I want this series to be bursting with life and beauty. Frankly, it’s been a tough year – there’s a lot of time spent thinking about the negatives of being a human. I wanted to bring a breath of freshness, life and light, not only to myself, but to my art. A reminder that lush times await us all.

To learn more about Tara Lee Bennett’s work, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram. To see more paper flowers from the artist’s latest series Lush, scroll down.

Paper artist Tara Lee Bennett creates incredibly intricate botanical art from tiny pieces of paper.

She carefully designs, cuts, glues and assembles each delicate paper flower.

This series, called Lush, “Celebrates the themes of growth and renewal” while recalling that “lush times await us all”.

Photo: Jones Gallery

Tara Lee Bennett: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos of Tara Lee Bennett.

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