Make cards by hand at home


Remember as kids how excited we were about New Years and making handmade greeting cards for our friends and loved ones? With the changing times, the concept of making handmade cards has become a thing of the past. But the feelings and emotions that a handmade card contains cannot be replaced by anything else. It’s time to let your creativity run wild and make this New Year special for your friends and family by sending them handmade greeting cards. Here are some fun and creative ideas to try.

1. Choose colored card stock and fold it in half

The first step to making a handmade card is to choose the colorful card stock you like and fold it in half to form the shape of a greeting card. Use a glitter pen or any bold marker in the contrasting hue to make your writing stand out.

2. Decorate the card well

This is the main step and it will decide how much effort you put into making the card. In order to decorate your greeting card, you need some embellishments. Opt for origami or make paper cutouts to glue on the card. You can also use glitter, colorful buttons or ribbons to adorn the card.

3. Place pop-ups inside the map to make it more interesting

You can make the greeting card more original and fun by placing pop-up windows on it. Use double-sided tape to secure the pop-up and you’re good to go.

4. Make party cards

Everyone loves to party on New Years Eve. So why not make a card that shows the celebration. Cut out departures and balloons from the remaining colored sheets and glue them as you wish on the front of your card. You can draw and paste additional elements as you like.

5. Make a New Year’s scroll

It’s time to go vintage and go for a roll instead of card stock. You can also use fabric to make a roll like satin or cotton and write on it with ink. Decorate the stick of the parchment with embellishments like strands of pearls and wrap the parchment in a parchment holder to complete the greeting card. It will definitely grab attention and the person who receives it will cherish it for their entire life.

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