Mario’s Most Powerful Power-Ups, Ranked


Nintendo is one of the biggest players in the video game industry and is responsible for dozens of acclaimed franchises and characters. However, none has the level of notoriety achieved by Super Mario. For four decades, Mario has functioned as the face of Nintendo and a constant performer when it comes to inventive platforming.

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Mario’s popularity has helped him make headlines in kart racing, sports games, and other multiplayer experiences, but the character often has the most freedom in his main game series. Helpful Mario power-ups have been a hallmark of the franchise since the beginning. Still, the tops of Mario’s power-ups grew ever more extravagant and endowed the plumber with unprecedented power.

10/10 Boo Mario gains a ghostly perk

super mario galaxy actually manages to reach the heights of Super Mario 64 when it comes to the franchise’s 3D platforming installments. The Wii super mario galaxy has a huge scope, but it’s also responsible for introducing many new creative bonuses to the canon.

Some of these upgrades allow Mario to impersonate some of his iconic enemies and take advantage of their unique skills. Boo Mario is not only fun to watch Mario as a ghost, but it also allows him to float and pass through walls for better access to environments.

9/10 Dry Bones Mario is a discordant transformation full of unique advantages

Super Mario Maker 2 is a substantial sequel to the construction and strategy simulation title, allowing users to create their own Super Mario levels.

The Mario Creator the games have a lot of fun with the power-ups and items they bring to retirement, but there are also several new additions that the games bring. The Dry Bones Shell grants Dry Bones Mario, which grants him the unique talents of the skeletal enemy, such as the ability to float on lava or play dead for temporary invincibility.

8/10 Hammer Suit Mario gives the Koopas a taste of their own medicine

A trusty hammer has been Mario’s weapon of choice ever since his arcade adventures against Donkey Kong. Several hammers of increasing strength have come into Mario’s possession, especially in his RPG adventures. However, Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES gives Mario an unlimited supply of hammers in the form of the Hammer Suit.

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The Hammer Suit transforms Mario into his version of the frustrating enemy of the Hammer Bros. It’s a cute aesthetic change for Mario, but constantly throwing a barrage of hammers is arguably more advantageous than just one used for close melee combat.

7/10 Paper Mario’s Pal Pill Surrounds Him With 8-Bit Support Staff

The paper mario The RPG spinoff series began on the Nintendo 64 and has become one of Nintendo’s longest running series, with the most recent entry, Paper Mario: the origami king, coming out on Switch. Super Paper Mario was the series’ more laid-back Wii reboot, which is one of the most accessible entries in the franchise, but still comes up with some creative ideas.

One of the best additions to the game is a forgotten power-up known as Pal Pill. This power-up protects Paper Mario with a barrier of eight tiny 8-bit versions of Mario that hurt anything they encounter.

6/10 Flying squirrel Mario conquers the air without any struggle

The New Super Mario Bros. The home console versions, especially the Wii U entry, cater to chaotic four-player experiences. Accordingly, an abundance of bonuses and items increases the levels of possible chaos, especially if all four players acquire these powerful relics.

Flying Squirrel Mario results from the Super Acorn Power-Up, which functions as an even fancier version of Cape Mario. Not only can Mario the Flying Squirrel hover and jump through the air, but he can also cling to walls for added maneuverability.

5/10 Penguin Mario is both agile and aggressive

The latest entries from Super Mario canon has taken a preference for transformations that turn Mario into a different type of animal. Penguin Mario, the result of the Penguin Suit Power-Up, first appears in New Super Mario Bros Wii, and it’s a cute costume with several useful abilities.

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From a practical point of view, Penguin Mario is resistant to slipping on icy surfaces. Yet he can also slide on his belly and move faster, which is also true for underwater exploration. Beyond those perks, Penguin Mario can also launch ice ball projectiles, adding a welcome offensive element to the power-up.

4/10 Rock Mario brings an avalanche of pain to his enemies

Both from the Wii super mario galaxy the games are a highlight for the platform series. These are some of the best examples of how the Wii’s motion controls and specific playstyle can creatively complement the experience. Sure, Super Mario Galaxy 2 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and some consider it a mere extension of its predecessor, but it’s arguably the stronger of the two titles.

Rock Mario debuts in the sequel and helps the hero build momentum in deeply destructive ways. The Rock Mushroom Power-Up allows Rock Mario to roll and clear any enemies or obstacles that get in the way of this living rock.

3/10 White Tanooki and Raccoon Mario are both invincible and industrial

Mario’s versatile Tanooki and Raccoon forms have been fan favorites since their first appearances in the NES era. Modern Super Mario Games love to remix old ideas in new ways, which is why the series has found opportunities to embolden these classic goodies in even more impressive ways.

The Invincibility Leaf will trigger a transformation into White Tanooki – or White Raccoon – Mario. In this state, Mario has all the standard Tanooki/Raccoon perks, but with invincibility also added to the package. It’s pretty hard to compete with that.

2/10 Giga Cat Mario is a furious feline of Kaiju proportions

Nintendo’s Wii U didn’t have the same impact as the Wii, leading to many of its exclusive first-party versions receiving upgrade ports for its popular successor, the Switch. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a huge package that adds to what was already a large and satisfying number Super Mario live.

Giga Cat Mario is a new transformation which is the result of the Giga Bell. In this state, Mario is no longer just a cat, but he becomes a gigantic feline. It’s the only way for him to stand up to the final boss, Fury Bowser. It’s a bewildering combination of adorable and deadly.

1/10 Mega Mario can level the entire Mushroom Kingdom

The Nintendo DS’ New Super Mario Bros. wanted to prove to audiences that Mario’s platforming roots were indeed getting a substantial makeover. New Super Mario is upgrades to the classic franchise structure are sublime for seasoned experts and newcomers alike.

The most striking and famous new item and power-up the game adds to the equation is the Mega Mushroom, which turns Mario into the world-ending Mega Mario. There’s nothing more cathartic than traveling all over the Mushroom Kingdom as a giant version of Mario.

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