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Monster Energy congratulates its BMX and skateboard athletes for their strong performance on Day 1 of X Games Chiba 2022.

CHIBA, Japan, April 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The very first edition of the X Games in Japan is officially online! Monster Energy congratulates its BMX and skateboard athletes on their strong performance on day one of the X Games Chiba 2022. During the inaugural event at ZOZO Marine Stadium, 26 Motorcycle Shibata from Osaka, Japan, won the silver medal in Skateboard Vert in front of a local crowd. The BMX Flatland competition, contested for the first time in 19 years at the X Games, saw a 36-year-old Motorbike Sasaki from Chiba, Japanclaims the bronze.

Supported by Monster Energy as the Official Energy Drink Partner, X Games Chiba 2022 is the 64th edition of the X Games since the event’s inception in 1995. Over three action-packed days, ZOZO Marine Stadium on the Bay of Tokyo is at the center of the action sports world with a capacity of 30,000 spectators. For a distinctly Japanese flavor, the live event features park and street course designs inspired by origami artwork.

More than 90 athletes from 18 countries compete for a total of 30 medals awarded in ten competitions in three sports. Top-notch sports performances are complemented by a cultural festival experience, art installations and musical performances by Japanese rock bands like Man with a Mission, which also provided the official theme song for X Games Chiba 2022.

Here’s how the action unfolded for Team Monster Energy on day one of X Games Chiba 2022:

Green Skateboard: Monster Energy’s Moto Shibata soars to a silver medal

On Friday afternoon, the Skateboard Vert Finals kicked off the first-ever X Games Chiba with a spectacular skateboarding halfpipe. The weekend’s first official medal event saw eight of the world’s best vertical skaters tackle the massive halfpipe in an hour-long jam session, with the winners deciding the fastest race efficient.

Countries represented included Brazil, France, Japanand United States. Monster Energy Shibata fell as a hometown hero and only Japanese pilot. The 26-year-old style icon hails from Osakawhere his family operates the Simple City skate shop.

Arriving in force, Shibata secured his place on the X Games podium with an explosive first run. The perfect routine included a huge backward method air, a foot Japan air, mute McTwist, stalefish McTwist, front foot impossible air link, slob air fakie, backside grab fakie 540, frontside gay twist Madonna, alley-oop backside lipslide to Smith grind, fast plant to fakie and signature Kamikaze air, mixing a frontside gay twisting with a front foot impossible. Shibata won the silver medal with American jimmy wilkins taking first place.

Friday’s silver brings Shibata’s X Games medal tally to four medals (1 gold, 3 silver). A professional skateboarder since the age of 13, Shibata is known for his stylish mix of high airs, old-school tricks and new-school innovation. In 2016, he made history by becoming the first Japanese male skateboarder to win an X Games medal (Austin).

Also putting on a strong showing in Friday’s Green Skateboard final, 33 Elliot Sloan from New York City came on as a podium favorite after winning silver in the discipline at the X Games 2021. But as the final unfolded, the decorated green skater and owner of 13 X Games medals struggled to string together the perfect line .

In his last run in the final, Sloan had a flawless run including frontside nosebone, backside 540 Indy, backside 540 tail grab, alley-oop backside air, kickflip Indy, backside 540 melon, frontside heelflip, Indy nosebone fakie, backside 720 Indy, 360 air fakie and heelflip twist gay. Sloan finished just off the podium in fourth place.

One more thing: stay tuned as Sloan and Shibata go for another shot at X Games medals on Saturday in the Skateboard Vert Best Trick Creative Contest.

BMX Flatland: Monster Energy’s Moto Sasaki wins bronze in front of hometown crowd

For the second medal event of the day, X Games Chiba 2022 brought back a blast from the past as BMX Flatland was contested for the first time in 19 years, having last appeared at X Games Los Angeles 2003.

The competition, celebrated by a large audience in Japan, revolves around BMX athletes performing tricks on a flat surface. With no obstacles or jumps, the focus is on flowing trick combinations, technical bar tricks and one-wheel manuals in a display of balance and grace.

Friday’s BMX Flatland contest saw eight athletes compete in a head-to-head elimination format. Countries represented included France, Japan, Spainand United States.

At 36, Monster Energy sasaki entered the competition as a respected innovator of the sport. In his first battle, Sasaki faced Viki Gomez from Spain. As Gomez slid on her first attempt, Sasaki found her rhythm with an elongated front wheel combination, fluidly changing her position from pedals to ankles and saddle without losing her balance for a ticket to the semi-final. .

In the semi-finals, Sasaki faced a tough test with Frenchman Alex Jumelin. Again, Sasaki opened hard with a sleek nose wheelie featuring a technical bar flip and a steamroller move. But when Sasaki lost his footing on a bar flip in a forward peg landing, it left the door open for Jmelin to advance to the finals.

However, Sasaki regained his composure in the battle for bronze against Mathias Danish from France. This time, Sasaki maintained a perfect wheelie by crossing his nose while varying his position on the bike. As Dandois made mistakes early in his run, Sasaki continued to string together technical spins, ankle manuals and a difficult hitchhiker stance. A perfectly executed hang-5 pivot to an x-foot crackpacker turbine in an upside-down spinning x-foot crackpacker sealed the deal for the bronze medal.

Friday’s bronze medal marks the first X Games medal for Monster Energy’s Sasaki. Considered an icon of BMX flatland, Sasaki recently took second place in the 2021 UCI Flatland BMX World Championship. He has won the Japanese National Championships sixteen times and was crowned the number one NORA Cup Flatlander of the Year in 2010. and 2011. Sasaki operates a children’s BMX school in his hometown, Chiba.

“This medal is very important to me because there are 100 or more athletes competing at X Games Chiba, but I’m the only athlete from Chiba, so that was the most important thing,” said Moto Sasaki. “Today’s ride was the best of my life and I’m so happy. I can’t wait to do better next year.”

Stay tuned for more action from X Games Chiba 2022! The show continues on Saturday with Skateboard Vert Best Trick, Women’s Skateboard Park, BMX Park, Moto X Best Whip and BMX Street. Don’t miss it!

X Games fans in United States can watch live coverage of the competition from the inaugural X Games Chiba event April 22 – 24 on the ESPN app and X Games YouTube. Additionally, two hours of recap coverage of the event will air on ABC as part of the World of X Games series on May 14 and 21 of 2 – 3 p.m. ET.

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