Monster Hunter Rise: Best Unique Weapons


Monster Hunter Rise has some of the best monster hunting action in the series, largely due to the sheer number of weapons available to the player and some really cute dogs. From gargantuan gunlances to huge hunting horns, there are so many wonderful weapons to choose from.

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However, while there are a plethora of swords, shields, and everything in between that fit perfectly into the game’s monster-filled universe, there are a few unique weapons that stand out from the rest. . From teddy bears to parasols, these weapons may not look conventional, but they still pack a punch.

ten The Petal Cloud

a mid shot of a masked figure wielding the Petal Cloud greatsword against a backdrop of cherry blossoms

While the beautiful art form of origami may not seem like the most appropriate or lethal way to build an axe, the Petal Cloud Switchaxe perhaps proves that weapons can come in all shapes and sizes.

The Petal Cloud is a beautiful Switchaxe made literally from paper. Whether that paper is magic or just giving Popo a bad paper cut, wielding the Petal Cloud is one of the most elegant and stylish things you can do in Monster Hunter Rise.


9 sleeping bear

a screenshot of a player character running through water wielding the Sleepy Bear hammer with a minimap in the lower left and a fallen monster in the distance

When you think of intimidating weapons, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely a teddy bear. Law? The Sleepy Bear is an unassuming hammer that will really knock any monster down and send it flying high.

Although it is certainly one of the less conventional models, the sleeping bear shows the game’s desire to be a bit creative and, let’s be honest, weird. Bringing your Palamutes and Palicos into battle is certainly cute and a great way to include a friend or two, but bringing your teddy bear with you is definitely next level.

8 Dragonslayer Parasol

a wide-angle shot of the player character wielding the Dragonslayer Parasol with a bustling market and distant bridge in the background

The weather can be very nice in and around Kamura Village, so it is advisable to bring an umbrella with you at all times. Worried about not having enough space for an umbrella and unreasonably large weapons in your endless backpack? Fear not, because the Dragonslayer Parasol seeks to combine the two together.

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With this great sword, you can simultaneously stay out of the sun and kick stupid monsters in the head. It’s easily one of the most unique weapons in the game, not only because it breaks the mold, but also because of its style and endless practicality.

7 Raging Claws

a medium shot of a Palico flying through the air with eyes closed and mouth open

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a cat – or perhaps more aptly a Palico – then look no further than the Dual Swords, Raging Claws. Of course, as is an undisputed fact, cats’ claws are much sharper than any sword, so using it in battle is a surefire way to get the top claw.

There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense in Monster Hunter Rise, but maybe using cat claws to scratch every monster encounter is a little bit out there. Fortunately, they look pretty cool and offer a pretty decent amount of damage.

6 Perfected Dango

a wide angle shot of two Palicos and Chief Dango Yomogi holding colorful Dangos with a village in the background

Dango is a delicious delicacy that tastes as fantastic as it looks. There are many types of colorful and appetizing dumplings in Monster Hunter Rise, which you can order and prepare for you by cats.

So, of course, it makes sense that you would make a weapon out of those multicolored dumplings to hit monsters with. If you can outrun the logic-defining super dumplings for a second, then the Perfected Dango lives up to its name. It’s a colorful, unique, and certainly tasty snack/weapon that only makes the Monster Hunter universe that much more charming.

5 Gargwa Hammer

a mid shot of the colorfully feathered egg hammer, the Gargwa Hammer, against a black background

Gargwa are generally fairly docile creatures that will only attack you if you threaten them. They’re especially likely to get angry if you do this with a Gargwa Hammer, also known as a Giant Staff with a Gargwa Egg on the end.

Wielding a hammer made from a Gargwa’s egg is undeniably a lot of fun. However, this begs the question of how strong an egg hammer is? Is it likely to crack at any time? Do you have to have a frying pan on you at all times just in case? Or, do you just give in to the fact that the universe you find yourself in is a little weird and accept that an egg is a more than adequate substitute for steel? Either way, it’s a nice gun.

4 Jack-O’-Lantern King

a mid shot of the Jack-O'-Lantern King Hammer from Monster Hunter Rise against a black background

Following the trend of food-themed weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, the Jack-O’-Lantern King Hammer offers players a carved pumpkin wearing a crown atop an ornate tree.

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Whether you’re a fan of pumpkin pie, soup, or seeds, or just enjoy the Halloween theme, the Jack-O’-Lantern King Hammer has your pumpkin needs covered. If his spooky face isn’t enough to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, then maybe the pumpkin’s remaining coarse pulp will scare them away.

3 Powerful popcorn popper

a menu detailing the requirements to craft the Mighty Cornpopper Gunlance

If the dozens of other food-related weapons in Monster Hunter Rise haven’t satiated your hunger, then the Mighty Cornpopper surely will. This is easily one of the best Gunlances in the game as it gives you a corncob that fires explosive shells and a Straw Hat as a shield.

The farm theme might seem slightly out of place for a game about hunting monsters, but frankly, if you’re still wondering about those wonderfully weird weapons now, they might not be for you.

2 Elegant fragrance

the Classy Fragrance spear on a black background with the Monster Hunter Rise logo on the lower right

In the same vein as the Mighty Cornpopper, the Classy Fragrance Lance gives players a distinctly different spear and shield. While the Cornpopper chose the ever-popular food route for its theme, the Classy Fragrance is inspired by a flower instead.

The long, thin, and rather pointed flower bud is as colorful and vibrant as it is deadly, and the blooming floral shield provides ample protection despite it being, you know, a flower..

1 Howl of the watchdog

Hunter riding on Palamute through the bamboo forest

If you’ve ever thought it would be cool to shoot ammo out of a wooden palamute, then you’re strangely in luck. because the Watchdog’s Howl offers you exactly that. Inspired by a Palamute, this Bowgun is as adorable as it is deadly.

Everything about this weapon is incredibly creative, from its apt name to its clever and colorful design. While there are many unique weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, the Watchdog’s Howl is easily the best.

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