My Town – Five Hobbies You Can Try Picking Up


Have you lost your previous hobbies or are you looking for new things to do to pass your time and have fun. Here are 5 things you can try to do by finding a new hobby, investing your time and interests.

play the ukulele

The ukulele is a simple instrument that you can pick up. It is easily portable and can be learned with youtube tutorials. Try singing over the chords you strum or learn the melody of a song.


Origami is a great thing you can do as a hobby because you create so many things from a piece of paper. It’s quite fascinating, you can make little boxes and put jewelry or decorations in them. There are also difficulty levels for origami, so starting with something simple and moving up to something more difficult is quite a challenge and a long-lasting hobby.


You can try painting. Paint whatever you want, and as you learn and grow, you’ll start to make things more meaningful and prettier.


Photography is a great hobby that you can pick up, especially when you can carry souvenirs and art with the phone in your pocket. Take pictures of anything you find beautiful and learn youtube tricks.

collect things

Try to collect things. It doesn’t matter what it is. Save money for shoes and historical items such as old coins, makeup and action figures. Anything that you may feel is interesting or important to you can be collected!


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