Navratri 2022: 10 Best Festival Decoration Ideas Designers Swear By


1. Find enchanting colors

Choose from a mix of colors for the silk cases to stuff your cushions. Choose from brilliant shades of green, blue, red, orange and yellow to create contrast with the understated shades of your walls. Take a minute to have these centuries-old mythological paintings, which have their own story to tell, adorn the walls. Different sizes of paintings and wall art can be arranged together to enhance the aesthetics of the scheme. Add a touch of exuberance to your floor by laying out a traditional rug that will instantly enliven it. An armchair, preferably yellow, emboldens the look and the vibrations of the living room.


2. Create a glorious entrance

Make the entryway dreamy and ready for festive cheer. The arch that separates the hall from the kitchen is expected to sustain interest, with hand-painted clay bells of varying sizes arousing the curiosity of visitors. Hang bells of different sizes painted in different colors and let them hang at the entrance. Use your light garlands abundantly in your living room and small diyas on each side of the staircase, to bring a vintage and warm touch.


3. Hang vibrant curtains

Let your rich curtains, in pretty colors, on the unusual side with eye-catching and interesting traditional patterns drape your living room with a touch of elegance. The hallway can be further lit by arranging Diyas on the coffee table to let Navratri rays into your home. Rajasthani patchwork, Kalamkari, Bagru and Ajrakh patterns bring the weirdness from within you and double as perfect alternatives to your daily designs.


4. Makeover Puja Mandap

Wrap your mandap in garlands that reveal hints of yellow, pink and orange through the arranged flowers. Use your traditional mat instead of a rangoli and place a copper bowl and flowers in the middle. Bring a touch of temple architecture by placing two stone elephants at the entrance to your puja mandir.

Crochet torans, a change from exhausting and common plastic torans, can be hung on walls to add a sense of creative adventure. Hang several torans in contrasting colors, as these are a plausible alternative to paints you don’t feel inclined to use. Hanging flowers in all strategic places in your home, especially intertwined at the entrance with delicately hanging mango tendrils to add sanctity and godliness to the surroundings.


5. Draw Vibrant Rangolis

Colorful rangoli in the middle of the hallway would be a great Navratri decoration idea for the home. Splash your floors with creative Rangoli designs with vibrant shades of warm colors. Get a little inspired and mix it up by adding tea lights, diyas or even flowers to the rangoli arrangement.


6. Using Dainty Diyas or Lamps

Diyas may seem like a basic concept, but they exude a festive atmosphere beyond our common sense. Choose different colors, designs and sizes from the Diya range available in the market. It would be an acceptable idea to place a handful of them on your balcony, at the entrance or in some corner of your house that really needs to dazzle. If you belong to the traditional school of thought, bring the golus, which your grandmother lovingly gave you long ago, and creatively place them on the wooden stand specially designed for use on these occasions. .

Widely used in Tamil Nadu for the Navratri festival, people there have a collection of beautiful figurines of gods and goddesses to display on their wooden stands.


7. Add beautiful flowers

Flower rangolis have a unique story of their own. They are known to usher good luck into your home and bless you with prosperity and joy. Rangoli was an idea borrowed from West Bengal homes and was originally prepared with rice powder and turmeric. But the idea is modified and used creatively. Diyas and flowers usually make a great pair.


8. Beads, strings and hanging bells

Add color to Navratri home decor with beaded ropes and bells. Use them in innovative ways by hanging them in convenient places inside your home. Also consider using salt lamps which ward off negativity and contribute to your overall well-being. The Swastik symbol made up of vermilion and turmeric has its own auspicious vibes if drawn at the entrance.

Large bowl filled with floating pink and yellow flowers for Navratri decoration. A bowl filled with water and flowers is a beautiful Navratri decoration idea.


9. Place earthenware, candle holders and masks

Place an earthenware or metal bowl and fill it with water and fragrant flowers to attract prosperity, eliminate negative energies and ensure the well-being of your family members. Even on an ordinary day, these are great additions to your home as they are Vaastu compliant. Change the flowers daily as stale flowers attract their negativity.

Navratri decoration with beautifully designed glass tealight holders can add the festive spirit in the house and you can place them in the corners. Ravana, Ram masks can be the other alternatives you can think of to show your creative side. Include a Samai, which is nothing more than a traditional metal candlestick normally seen in almost every southern home. Try placing it near the mandap to make it more beautiful. Add a rangoli to the base to complete the picture.


10. Make a potpourri

The final touch to the decorations would be to bring a touch of perfume to permeate the atmosphere. Prepare a potpourri which is a mixture of dried natural aromatic substances kept in a mesh bag, or a glass jar in a decorative tray. You can use fragrant spices like cinnamon, dried Raat rani flowers, dried lemon slices, a few drops of your favorite essential oils depending on the mood of the event. Traditional perfumes respond perfectly to the traditional scenario. The scents blending into each other and evaporating into the atmosphere, the richly decorated rooms and the deliberately rustic touches of the mandir’s décor all add up to a heavenly experience.

Finally, to attract the element of luck into your home, such as Laxmi’s feet to invite prosperity into your home. You can use flour and water to create the pattern. and don’t forget to finally add a red dot in the center of the feet design.

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