New sculpture in Midtown reminiscent of rock, paper and scissors


The game of rock, paper and scissors has been around since 200 BC, settling minor conflicts through the ages. You probably played it as a kid to figure out who would be “that” in a chat game or who would get the last cookie in the jar. Now, a new installation in Midtown plays on the concept with a 12 foot sculpture called “Conversation Peace” by the artist Kevin’s box. An open-air art gallery presented by Downtown Alliance exhibitions adjacent to the sculpture, all located in Peachtree and 10th Street in Midtown. Box joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes via Zoom and Ginny Kennedy, director of urban design at Midtown Alliance, to talk about the new facilities and how they are sparking conversation in the neighborhood.

Interview highlights:

On the Box sculpture and its meaning:

“The idea… was something I had worked with for several years, but wanted to evolve the work a little beyond the obvious of a stone, a piece of paper and a pair. of scissors. So ‘Conversation Peace’ arose very naturally, to be honest, from a conflict that I had and a conversation, or lack of conversation that was going on in a resolution between a friendship that I had. Box said.

“I’ve always referred to this piece, for me, as a mature version of rock, paper, scissors because conflicts can be solved with this lightweight children’s game, but for deeper situations we really need to have a dialogue, and conversation becomes the key to resolution and resolution.

“It has three obvious elements that represent a reference to the theme stone, paper, scissors. There is a boulder or a boulder. In this case, he is about four feet tall and weighs 3,000 pounds. There is a large, classic, sort of traditional pair of scissors that your mother or teacher might have had in their office; those big metal blades with bright red handles, ”Box described. “Then above them is an origami paper crane, which obviously represents paper, but also takes on the archetypal meaning and symbol of peace that has existed for thousands of years in the form of a dove or white bird. “

The attraction of sculpture as a medium:

“It’s a very simple process, 35 steps, over 12 weeks, a good day if everything goes well and everyone gets along. You know, sculpture is a team sport, and that’s what initially attracted me, besides the fact that it has such durability, that these things, these objects can last for thousands of years ” , Box said.

Midtown Alliance and its new outdoor gallery:

“The Midtown Alliance has been very committed to making art a part of everyday life in Midtown. So we want people to be able to see art as soon as they walk into our neighborhood. Whether it’s a three-dimensional sculpture like Kevin’s ‘Conversation Peace’ or the bright and daring super graphics we put on store windows, ”Kennedy said.

“We’ve teamed up with Atlanta Celebrates Photography on an interactive mural that features an augmented reality component just around the corner… It features 20 Georgian photographers against the backdrop of the mural, and if you hover your mobile device over the mural, the wings of this phoenix that is depicted comes to life, ”Kennedy said. “We also exchanged all of our street banners…

To learn more about the work of sculptor Kevin Box, visit Information on the many public art programs and neighborhood development efforts of the Midtown Alliance can be found at

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