NYC has a giant art installation of origami sculptures


Giant origami-inspired sculptures now decorate Broadway, bringing a childish whimsy to the Garment District.

The installation, titled “Hacer: Transformations “, presents seven huge paper-like animals: two dark turquoise coyotes, two medium turquoise rabbits, a magenta elephant, a yellow dog and a green bear cub.

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It is located in the public plazas of Broadway Boulevard in the Garment District between 36th and 39th Streets and will be there until November 23.

The installation is part of Garment District Art on the Plazas, a year-round public art program made possible by Arterventions, which is part of the New York City Department of Transportation’s art program. .

Photography: Alexandre Ayer / @DiversityPics for the Garment District Alliance

“As we head into fall, we want the Garment District to be a welcoming and enjoyable space for all visitors, whether returning to the office, traveling or just passing through,” said Barbara A. Blair, president by Garment. Neighborhood alliance. “We know these oversized sculptures will bring a smile to everyone, and we all encourage everyone to stop and take a photo with their favorite origami-inspired creation!”

Californian artist Hacer, which means “to do” in Spanish, created the sculptures in powder-coated steel. The largest of the series, “Coyote, Stalking”, is 14 feet long.

Hacer, the artist, works as a sculptor designing and constructing large-scale origami-inspired shapes in bright, solid colors. He had a difficult childhood and now aims to “get a dynamic response to the viewer’s relationship with his childhood and thinks that through that interaction anything can start over” as he did, according to the Garment District Alliance.

Hacer: Transformations
Photography: Alexandre Ayer / @DiversityPics for the Garment District Alliance

He worked on the West Coast but is now starting to exhibit here on the East Coast. This is his first large-scale solo exhibition in New York.

“We are delighted to present Hacer: Transformations, in which whimsical works transform Broadway for New Yorkers and visitors,” said Emmanuel Fremin, owner of the Fremin Gallery. “After more than a year of COVID-19 restrictions, this outdoor exhibit of Hacer’s works brings joy and optimism to the heart of New York City.”

“Hacer: Transformations” will be playing on Broadway between 36th and 39th Streets until November 23.

Hacer: Transformations
Alexandre Ayer / @DiversityPics for the Garment District Alliance


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