Origami birds come to life in María Medem’s hand-animated video for Olovson


In addition to illustrating and animating the video for Paloma Blanca, she also had the creative freedom to make the video. The track, which is famed music producer Jacob Olofsson’s third release under the pseudonym Olovson, is a melancholy and haunting affair that María has done perfectly justice with her dreamlike visuals.

It shows a girl repeatedly folding a flock of origami birds and dreaming that they will someday hatch into a real life creature. María intelligently uses panoramas and moments of reflection to tell a gripping story loaded with magical realism.

Culminating with a dramatic sequence where the impossible happens, and the girl takes off on a gigantic origami bird, it’s a tale reminiscent of sequences from Raymond Briggs’ animated adaptation of Snowman.

It’s a charming sequence that’s only enhanced by María’s vibrant colors and delicate brushstrokes, highlighting a child’s sense of adventure and wonder allowing their imagination to lead the way.

Speaking about the video for ‘Paloma Blanca’, Olovson says, “This story is about a young girl who spends her days creating origami birds and paper planes. Her greatest wish is that one of her creations come to life, maybe if it was perfectly bent.

“I’ve been a huge admirer of María Medem’s art and storytelling for a long time, so working together on Paloma Blanca’s video has been amazing. Her vivid colors and imagery harmonize perfectly with the music and make me believe to magic. “


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