Origami knight equipped with sword and shield materializes from a single sheet of paper


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#origami #paper #video

September 23, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Juho Könkkölä, shared with permission

Earlier this year, the Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä folded an incredibly elaborate samurai from a single sheet of paper, and now he’s designed another intricate warrior of his own design. At a height of 18 centimeters, the figurine carrying the sword and shield took 41 hours of work using wet and dry origami techniques.

Könkkölä started with a 68 x 68 centimeter sheet of Wenzhou rice paper that he marked and folded to capture the protective bands on the shoulders and hips and the exact placement of the individual plates. “One of the biggest challenges with this figure was the stark contrast between shield and sword; the sword has more than 50 (!) layers inside the palm of the figure, while the shield has only one layer over a large area, ”he writes on Instagram.

Könkkölä also filmed his entire process, so you can watch the knight take shape in time lapse video below.

#origami #paper #video

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