OTTOLIGER Fall Winter 2022.23 Collection


Discover OTTOLINGER Fall Winter 2022.23 collection, which is ringing the alarm bell, presented with a film directed by Felix Aaron, on March 1, as part of the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. Ursina Gysi was responsible for styling, with set design by Jan Vorisek and casting direction by Julia Lange. Beauty is the work of hairdresser Yann Turchi and makeup artists Jana Kalgajeva and Isamaya Ffrench. The stars of the session are Ananda, Denis, Diana, Geoffrey, Jordan, Lakota, Madison, Mantas, Marie and Tasha. Photographer Mark Peckmezian captured the lookbook. Creators christa bosch & Cosima Gadient created looks that not only grab attention, but also completely transform the space. For the season, Ottolinger the woman is enveloped in confidence and not afraid to take up space.


Inasmuch as

Wearing Ottolinger is entering the world like a car alarm; moving in a lyrical blaze. To wear Ottolinger is to walk through that door holding that handbag, placing it on that beveled glass table as the pen is pressed to paper. Contracts signed. The doors opened. Slippery materials forming a robust and new hyper reality. FW22 is the final layer of this sky-high membrane that catches the sun, allowing performance and drama to sparkle neck and neck. It’s a second skin, strapped and tied in an endless knot of amplification.


Designers Christa Bösch & Cosima Gadient
Photographer Mark Peckmezian
Styling Ursina Gysi
Makeup Jana Kalgajeva
Isamaya Ffrench Face Jewelry
Hairdressing Yann Turchi
Julia Lange Cast
Scenography Jan Vorisek Assistant
Photographer Hudson Hayden
Digital Technician Dimitri Ramazankhani
Producer Miriam-Leah Hess
Styling assistant Michèle Lian
Make-up assistant Maria Boman Hair assistant Darja Crainiucenco, Emma Dow
Casting assistant Olivia Langer
Hair pieces sponsored by Rapunzel of Sweden
Models Ananda, Denis, Diana, Geo rey, Jordan, Lakota, Madison, Mantas, Marie, Tasha, Nunguja
Team Marie Berger, Florence Harper, Lisa Hauser, Miriam-Leah Hess, Blue Jäger, Jackie Lee, Anna Lösel, Sofia Metsoviti, Eleni Pappa, Lakota Wijonarko, Maya Young, Henriette Zimmermann


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