Painting, engraving and origami workshop day for children at the Cosmos Gallery



Embracing the innate artistic spirit of the city’s child artists, Gallery Cosmos and Cosmos Atelier71 hosted a one-day watercolor, printmaking and origami workshop titled “Inside Out” at Cosmos Center, Malibagh, in the capital .

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., more than 25 children from different parts of the world joined the event with their parents at Cosmos Atelier71, presenting their creations in the workshop. The participating artists came from Bangladesh, Canada, India, Ireland, United States, Portugal and other countries, currently residing in Bangladesh.

“It is a very unique and refreshing approach and a joyful experience for us and our children. They are the main attraction here today, and we thank the organizers for this remarkable initiative where our children show their artistic freedom,” said Mr. Roman, who brought his daughter to the workshop.

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Regarding the initiative, Bangladeshi artist and lecturer at Yunnan University of the Arts, China, Mong Mong Sho told UNB that these kind of workshops are really necessary to flourish and celebrate children’s artistic passion. .

“Although children are universally beautiful, they have different creative visions due to their regional and cultural diversities. These types of workshops are important and indispensable, where children from different parts of the world come together and freely paint their hearts. Each of them present a unique artistic approach, vision and style, and together they participate in a cultural exchange with the children of our country, ”Sho told UNB.

The exhibition was also joined by Abu Kalam Shamsuddin, assistant professor, discipline of drawing and painting at Khulna University, who facilitated a unique origami workshop for children at the event.

“Origami is an art consisting of a two-dimensional piece of paper. When we fold this paper into a plane, it takes on a certain three-dimensional (3D) shape of an object, which is very similar to our dream and our vision. This subconsciously helps children to think more critically, broadening their vision and approach to life – and this exhibition deserves to be commended for hosting such a workshop not only for the printmaking but also for the origami, ”he told UNB.

Defining this unique initiative and the name “Inside Out,” Kate Jaro Khan, artistic director of Cosmos Gallery, told UNB that it was meant to help children express the innate creativity they nurture in their beautiful minds.

“During the crucial times of the pandemic, people couldn’t get out and travel, and the kids were running out of things to do. We had to explore the opportunities inside the city, and this special workshop is a gift from our part to these amazing children, dedicated to their creative vision and emotional well-being. “

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After the workshop, participating child artists received certificates from the organizers.

Artist Sourav Chowdhury, Executive Artistic Director of Gallery Cosmos, hosted a printmaking workshop at the event, which informed UNB that the participating child artists were very excited and fun during the workshop to explore the methods allowing to have several copies of their works thanks to the engraving.

Regarding the initiative, he also said that the gallery is committed and dedicated to organizing this type of workshops and exclusive camps in the near future, to help flourish the creative visions of young artists from here and there. ‘elsewhere.



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