Paper Mario Fan recreates scenes from the game with stop-motion animation


A die-hard Paper Mario fan wows internet users with his impressive stop-motion animation scenes featuring Mario and a Goomba.


Paper mario has always been one of Nintendo’s most unique sub-franchises featuring the titular plumber. The series features an extremely recognizable artistic style, giving the impression of using tactile materials to create a world of unique sensations. While the games are undoubtedly created digitally, one devoted fan decided to bring Paper mario come to life in awesome stop-motion animation.

Nintendo’s long life Paper mario franchise recently celebrated its 20th anniversary in North America. Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account marked the occasion by posting the original Nintendo 64 title art box, and the comments section was filled with thousands of favorite mementos from players of the series over the past two decades.

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Located on the r / Mario subreddit, a user with the grip of u / Alexito_xd posted his awesome stop-motion animation video showing Mario interacting with a Goomba. While the clip is very short, at just four seconds, the production is of an almost professional quality. The clip begins with Mario stepping into the frame, matching his usual walking animation perfectly, including the plumes of dust raised by his shoes. Once next to the Goomba, he then performs a basic jump attack, with the Goomba not only crumpling, but the included star effect as well.

Although the video is short, Reddit users were quick to praise and compliment the stop-motion host, with comments such as “this is SUPER awesome” and “awesome”. The video features crinkle and star effects, which suggests they may have been inspired by the latest entry in the series. Paper Mario: the king of origami. Players remained somewhat divided over the title, with some praising its reinventive aspects and others wanting the series to return to its more traditional RPG roots at the Paper Mario: The Thousand Years Gate.

While the stop-motion animation video is certainly impressive, it’s not the only creative thing fans have done. Paper mario. A fan recently went viral for his inventive proof of concept video showing what it would look like if Mario kart moved back Paper mario processing. The video includes its own intro to the game, character selection screen, and more. The race footage, while only showing Mario on the track, expertly emulates what the race title would look like using Paper mariothe visual assets of.

With all the attention that Paper mario the stop-motion animation video is being made, fans are hoping it leads to more. While the original Paper mario title was “trapped” on its original console, which recently changed everything. Thanks to the recently announced Nintendo Switch Online expansion, players can play the original Paper mario on service in addition to a host of other classics.

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