Peace pole unveiled at Rockingham Arts Center


Japan’s Onsul General in Perth, Toru Suzuki, and Mayor Barry Sammels unveil the new Peace Pole at the Rockingham Arts Center. PIC: City of Rockingham.

A Peace Pole was unveiled outside Rockingham Arts Center as part of the International Day of Peace.

The installation of the peace pole took place as part of the City’s involvement in the mayor’s program for peace.

Through the World City Friendship Committee, it participates in the Mayor’s for Peace initiative which is an international organization of cities around the world dedicated to promoting peace.

The new Peace Pole is the latest addition to the ‘Peace Trail’ in the town of Rockingham, which began with the planting of a gingko biloba tree in the city park last year.

This tree is a direct descendant of a 200-year-old tree that survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb explosion in 1945.

The peace pole was unveiled on Tuesday by the mayor of the city of Rockingham, Barry Sammels, who was joined by the Japanese consul general in Perth, Toru Suzuki.

Following this, the leaders of the City’s Junior Council each gave a speech on what peace means to them.

“Peace poles have become internationally recognized symbols used by communities and organizations to express hope for lasting peace,” said Mayor Sammels.

“The post is consecrated by the five-word prayer“ Peace be on Earth ”.

“This message is presented in four different languages ​​and next to it is a plaque with a QR code that indicates directions to the tree of peace planted in the municipal park.

“It is hoped that by setting up the Peace Pole at the Rockingham Arts Center, we can bring people together to inspire, awaken and uplift human consciousness around the world – all key tenets of the International Day of Peace message. ”

Following the unveiling of the Peace Pole, the City hosted an origami crane folding workshop at the Rockingham Arts Center.

To celebrate the International Day of Peace, 1,000 paper cranes have been made and will be sent to the Children’s Monument in Hiroshima Peace Park, Japan.


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