People are encouraged to become home handymen for an origami exhibit



Across Wales, people are being encouraged to become paper handymen to contribute to a new art exhibition marking a year since the UK’s lockdown.

Community arts organization Tanio hosts exhibit at Ysbyty’r Seren Field Hospital in Bridgend featuring hundreds of origami cranes (or ‘Tsuru’) – considered a symbol of hope and healing in the culture Japanese.

NHS staff, patients and volunteers come together to create the origami creations. The association is now asking people across Wales to get involved by creating paper cranes and sending them to be featured in the exhibit.

The exhibition will open on March 23, 2021, marking one year since the start of the first COVID-19 containment. It is organized by the charity Tanio, based in Bridgend, which provides safe environments where people can develop new skills, confidence and self-esteem through art.

“Tsuru” paper cranes are simple to make, and a simple bilingual video tutorial and how-to guide are available online to help people venture into the world of origami for the first time.

Tanio CEO Lisa Davies said the challenge provides an opportunity for people to get cunning and enjoy a “moment of mindfulness”:

“Origami – or the ancient Japanese art of paper folding – is a type of art form and creative therapy at the same time has many proven benefits. It activates both the logical and creative hemispheres of your brain to stimulate intellectual capacity and encourage creativity. It is also incredibly relaxing and helps develop mindfulness, patience, and focus.

“This project started with NHS staff and Ysbyty’r Seren patients, but quickly grew from there, and we want as many people as possible to get involved by making their own cranes at the House. All cranes sent to us will feature in our beautiful and striking art exhibition, where we aim to showcase over 400 cranes, and will be recorded for posterity in a film in the exhibition.

“Making origami cranes is the perfect activity to do with children or elderly parents, and a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some quiet time at a time when we all face challenges, whether they are at home. at home, at work or related to health.

“We hope that many people will take ten minutes out of their day to create their own ‘tsuru’ and we look forward to welcoming a herd of colorful cranes from all over Wales and putting them on display at the Field Hospital to mark this step.”

Anyone wishing to get involved in the exhibition can send their paper cranes to Tsuru @ Tanio, Sardis Media Center, Heol Dewi Sant, Bettws, CF32 8SU by March 20 to ensure they can be displayed in the exhibition. ‘exposure.

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