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It’s no secret that PMDG worked on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform, but little has been said about how the development went. We saw the 737 in the simulator last year, and more recently a DC-6 teaser in the simulator. However, Robert took to the forums to give a lot more details on what we can expect from PMDG this year and beyond on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In his long message on the forum, Robert said they realized they would have to create whole new development processes in order to take full advantage of the new simulator technology. This process has been difficult for the team for the past fourteen months, but they are finally ready to share, in detail, the product line coming to the simulator.

While the 737 was expected to be PMDG’s first product to release on the new platform, the development of the DC-6 has exceeded expectations and has been the subject of a long testing period for several months now. . In fact, development is so advanced that the PMDG team have created a series of how-to videos to help everyone understand the airplane. Half of them have been added to a new PMDG YouTube channel, with more coming soon.

The DC-6 will be the first release of PMDG for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Robert suggests that a release could take place in the coming weeks. Since PMDG’s development cycles are usually quite long, this is a huge change of pace for the development team.

After the DC-6 is released, Robert confidently says that the 737 is “expectedTo be released this year. The team overcame some of the challenges and obstacles from before, but things seem to be picking up significantly. So much so that Robert even considers that the 777 could also be released this year. Version 777 is a “remote possibility “, but the fact dates applied suggest how confident PMDG is in its new workflow. Of course, Robert couldn’t forget the 747 Queen of the Skies and suggested that the 747 will be released in early 2022.

Finally, Robert said that we can expect PMDG’s YouTube channel to be used quite often to showcase development progress and additional tutorials. An advanced series for the DC-6 is already planned and Robert also said that we can also expect some 737s in the Microsoft Flight Simulator previews soon.

Things are really heating up for stews on all platforms and with PMDG “all-in” with the new platform (which shouldn’t come as a surprise) it becomes a really exciting time for any flight simulator fan. .

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