Pokemon Fan Creates Awesome Shaymin Origami Figure


the Pokemon fanbase arguably has one of the most artistically talented fanbases of just about anything in pop culture. This can be seen through the myriad of artworks constantly being produced and posted online for everyone to see. Although there are a variety of popular mediums to work with, one Pokemon fan is going viral for their amazing origami figure of Shaymin.

For those unaware, Shaymin is a Mythical Grass-type Pokémon first introduced as part of Generation 4. Pokémon Diamond and pearl, the Pokemon was previously only accessible through localized events and in-store giveaways. However, in the remakes brilliant diamond and shiny pearl, a limited-time event is currently taking place that allows players to catch their very own Shaymin.


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Posted to r/pokemon, a user by the handful of ino87origami presents their extremely impressive origami rendition of Shaymin. Unlike most Pokémon, Shaymin has the ability to switch between a ground form, reminiscent of a hedgehog, and a celestial form, which somewhat resembles a reindeer. Choosing to make an origami of the old, the folded paper creation manages to expertly capture all of the mythical Pokemon’s signature characteristics. In addition to getting the coloring correct, the artist recreates both the grass-like fur covering its top and the pink flowers resembling Gracidea.

Shaymin origami is clearly a hit with Pokemon fans, garnering hundreds of likes and compliments on the artwork. Although the creation is impressive, it is not ino87origami’s first. Just a few weeks ago, the same artist went viral for his amazing origami of Scyther. Another grass-type and one of the most iconic Pokémon from Generation One, the origami Scyther is just as impressive as the Shaymin, with all of the signature traits recreated with the utmost precision. the Pokemon fan has also created many others in the franchise, including Charizard, Lucario, Dragapult, and more.

In addition to Pokemon origami, the other key trend in Pokemon the world of fan art is crocheted. There have been numerous posts on the same r/pokemon page over the past few weeks of various crocheted Pokemon, ranging from everything from original starters from the Kanto region to the animated series Squirtle Squad, Meganium, and more. One of the most recent viral posts was about a pair of adorable crocheted Heracross, getting over 10,000 likes. Whether it’s crochet, origami or another medium, Pokemon the fans certainly have some serious artistic skills.

Although the tutorial link for origami Shaymin is provided in the comments to the article, not all fans have the motivation, time and skills to create their own. Fortunately, Pokemon fans can get one for free right now to use in a game. Pokemon Legends: Arceus gives Shaymin, but only if players meet certain criteria.

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