Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Scyther Origami Figure


Scyther, a Bug/Flying-type Pokemon, is getting a new look after a talented player decided to make an origami figure based on its bug-like design.

Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Scyther Origami Figure

Since its creation in 1996, the Pokemon The franchise has grown to include hundreds of Pokémon species. In addition, this number is likely to increase with the publication of Pokemon scarlet and violet Later this year. While these new additions to the Pokedex are often exciting for fans, some of the classic Pokémon continue to have some of the most memorable designs, such as Scyther.

Introduced as part of Gen 1, Scyther is a Bug/Flying type Pokémon. It features an eye-catching design as it has an insectoid body juxtaposed with a reptilian-looking head. As its name suggests, this Pokémon is famous for the long scythe-like limbs it uses during battle and for cutting through large objects, such as trees. Recently, a talented gamer decided to create unique fan art in honor of this classic Pokémon.


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In a Reddit post, a user known as ino87origami shared a photo of his completed origami project. What sets this work of art apart is that the artist has managed to recreate an Insector from the Pokemon series. The result of their work was simply amazing. In the origami figure, they reproduced many of the iconic features of the bug-like Pokemon. Some highlights included the 2 sets of wings as well as the scythe-like limbs. Additionally, it had the same green and white coloring as its in-game counterpart.

In addition to showing a photo of the origami on Reddit, ino87origami shared a tutorial on YouTube. The video detailed the dizzying amount of steps required to fold paper into a work of art. According to the tutorial, it took the artist over 40 minutes to complete the project. In addition to this design, the creator has designed many other origami figures based on the Pokemon franchise, like Arceus of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. For those interested, these designs are posted on Reddit.

Since posting this origami figure of Scyther on Reddit, it has made quite an impression on many members of the Pokemon community. With over 800 upvotes in just a few hours, many praised the design details. Additionally, a number of fans appreciated the amount of skill required to complete this origami piece of art. “You have great skill and perseverance,” Abysscrow said on Reddit.

While this may be one of the most unique pieces of fan art on Reddit, it’s far from the only player-made creation. Recently, another fan made a drawing showing Fuecoco hanging out with other crocodile-themed Pokémon. It will be interesting to see what art players design next based on the world of Pokemon. With nearly 900 species in the series, one thing is certain; artists have no shortage of options.

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