Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Colored Pencil Drawing Of ‘Near Mint’ Charmander Map


After collecting an “almost new” Charmander card, a talented artist decides to create a realistic drawing of the card, making it look almost 3D.

Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Colored Pencil Drawing of Charmander Map

First appearance in Pokemon Red and Blue, Charmander is a Gen 1 Pokémon and one of the oldest species in the series. It is classified as a Fire-type starter Pokémon that can eventually evolve into Charmeleon at level 16. Charmander is one of the most well-known Pokémon due to its iconic look, which includes a red-orange coloring with a yellow belly. Plus, he features a signature flame on the tip of his tail. Recently, a player decided to make a drawing based on this Pokémon.


In a post on Reddit, a user known as Josix shared a photo of an artwork he made based on the Pokemon series. Using colored pencils, they decided to draw a replica of an “almost new” Charmander card they had. The results of this project were simply breathtaking. In the photo, the Reddit user held the actual map next to the drawing of the map on a piece of paper. Not only did the artist manage to recreate Charmander’s image in exquisite detail, but he even added the alteration that made the actual card appear in “almost new” condition.

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It’s hard to imagine the skill required to create this realistic drawing of a charmander card. According to Josix, they used Luminance pencils to make the photo. Additionally, they noted that hot-pressed watercolor paper was used for drawing. Interestingly, this is just one of many realistic works of art made by the artist. They had previously posted other drawings on Reddit for those who wanted to see more. For example, they posted pictures of a Fury Bowser from Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Furyand even 3D candies.

Unsurprisingly, many members of the Pokemon The community has taken notice of this amazing drawing ever since it was posted on Reddit. With nearly 2,000 upvotes in less than a day, many were blown away by the realism of the image. “Looks like you can pick it up on the page. Fantastic!” said kiwishrew on Reddit. Another user known as Twisted_Prestzel85 noted that using shadows around the edges of the card made it look like a 3D object.

While this realistic drawing of the Charmander card is amazing, it’s far from the only piece of art created by talented fans of the series. With over 900 types of Pokemon, there’s no shortage of species to choose from when creating fanart. For example, a player made an origami Arceus based on Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It will be interesting to see what creations are presented by talented players in the coming weeks. Maybe Josix will decide to draw even more realistic images of rare Pokemon maps.

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