Pokemon Fan Creates Vaporeon Origami Figure


An artistically talented Pokemon fan creates an impressive origami figure of Eevee’s Water-type evolution, Vaporeon.

Pokemon fans consistently make headlines for their fan art in a wide range of styles, showing just how artistically talented the massive fandom is. This is again the case, with a Pokemon fan creating an impressive origami sculpture inspired by Vaporeon.

Around since the first generation of Pokemon, Vaporeon is the evolution of the fan-favorite Water-type for Eevee, most often when Eevee gets a Water Stone to hold. The Pokémon is one of the most popular Eeveelutions, with Vaporeon becoming Japan’s Water Day ambassador last year.


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The impressive artistic creation in folded paper comes from Pokemon origami artist u/ino87origami. The talented artist and Pokemon fan seems to have included all of the major Vaporeon-specific features, including its tail fin, the ridges along its spine, its neck frill, and its head fins. The distinct blue coloring also looks perfect, with the only noticeable improvement being if the darker blue accent color featured on his head and back in the barrel was present. Nevertheless, the Vaporeon origami is quite admirable. Many Pokemon fans agree, as the post garnered hundreds of likes.

The Vaporeon origami figure certainly took a lot of time and effort, but maybe not as much as the fan who spent 30 hours creating a highly detailed Vaporeon doll. The fan posted a short, one-minute video of their creation process, showing the artwork starting with a bunch of outlines on hardware and an articulated skeleton, then assembled into a realistic Water-type version. Although Vaporeon’s skin is canonically smooth, the doll uses trimmed blue fur, giving the Pokemon a little more of a traditional feline appearance.

The Vaporeon origami figure is not the first Pokemon origami creation by u/ino87origami, as the artist has posted quite a few different creatures over the past few months. One of their other recent art endeavors is a Steel/Psychic-type Metagross origami figure. The folded paper art is just as impressive as Vaporeon’s, with the artist even appearing to use the same colors of paper to create the two origami figures. Fans have even started commenting on posts expressing their desire to see a paper mario-style Pokemon game in the same style, which would be intriguing to see.

While Vaporeon is one of the original Eeveelutions, it is only one of eight potential evolved forms. Eevee hasn’t seen a new evolution since Sylveon of the sixth generation, and fans are hoping for a new type sooner rather than later. No word from Game Freak on a new guy coming with pokemon scarlet and Purplefans design their own Eeveelutions, demonstrating how popular the original is Pokemon the character still is.

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