Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Fan Makes Brendan’s Figure Impressive


An avid Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire fan creates a charming figure of the game’s male protagonist, Brendan, in the style of the original games.

With a franchise as popular as Pokemon, it’s no surprise that fans have seen the series expand into other mediums. While many fans engage in anime or the trading card game, one thing that some Pokemon fans appreciate the official figures produced for the franchise.

Types of creation among Pokemon the fanbase, however, may have ideas for characters they’d like to see. This is where artists come in as many of them have designed their own figures or statues of various Pokemon. Whether it’s a life-size Charmander statue with a glowing tail or a model of the legendary Pokemon Lugia, the sky’s the limit when it comes to fan art. An artist has designed a figure of a Pokemon trainer in a familiar style.


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An artist on Reddit named Chrizerk creates a figure of Brendan from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. The male protagonist of the Gen 3 games, the Brendan figure appears as if made of modeling clay and Chrizerk designs the Pokemon trainer in his appearance from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, sporting his yellow bag, black sleeved shirt long and its black headband. . In a short video, Chrizerk features the figure placed on some grass while holding a Poke Ball.

Despite the small size of their creation, Chrizerk managed to place an impressive amount of detail in the figure. Something that Pokemon Fans may find Chrizerk’s figure charming is that Brendan’s appearance replicates sprite art from classic Pokemon games that some fans prefer to current 3D models used in modern Pokemon games. Pokemon Reddit fans seem to be enjoying Chrizerk’s creation as comments below the post praise the figure’s adorable appearance.

Since switching to 3D models in Pokemon X and Ythere was a debate between Pokemon fans whether they prefer Gen 1-5 sprite art or current 3D models. Some fans who prefer sprites even showed the public what the currently revealed Pokémon was used for. Pokemon scarlet and violet might look like if they were designed in a pixel art style.

As the Pokemon franchise continues to grow in popularity, the type and amount of fan art created will also increase. Many artists have found creative mediums to express their love for the Pokemon series such as Pokemon fan building the Kanto Starters in LEGO.

Pokemon ruby ​​and sapphire are now available for Game Boy Advance.

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