Pokémon’s Jolteon is electrifying as Origami Eeveelution


Using a single sheet of paper, a talented Pokemon fan created an extremely impressive origami version of the Electric-type Eeveelution, Jolteon.

A creative Pokemon fan created an origami version of the lightning Pokémon, Jolteon. Jolteon is the electric-type evolution of the fan-favorite Pokémon Eevee, one of eight Eeveelutions in total – although some believe a new form of Eevee could debut in scarlet and purple.

Origami is a deceptively simple craft. Delicate models of various animals and objects are constructed solely through the careful folding of paper, with the creator often using only a single sheet. Accuracy is key, as careless or misplaced creases can easily lead to a disappointing end product. Over the years, many fans have used origami and other forms of papercraft to create incredible models of characters and objects from their favorite game franchises. With a little patience and enough time, it is possible to build extremely impressive creations. For example, a Pokemon fan was able to build a complete model of Pokemon Diamond & Pearlis the town of Canalave.


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Now Reddit user ino87origami has shown off his electrifying origami Jolteon, receiving big acclaim online for its well-defined silhouette and intricate pleat pattern. A video tutorial also shared by ino87origami shows the incredible number of folds used to create the model, with a diagram also provided for viewers. It should be noted that this is far from the only origami Pokémon created by ino87origami (recent models include Ho-oh and Gardevoir), nor the only Eeveelution. In fact, ino87origami has shared designs for all Eevee evolutions in the past, as well as one for Eevee itself. This easily demonstrates how Eevee and its Pokemon evolutions are popular subjects for fan art, thanks to their varied and striking designs.

Jolteon’s design, and by extension the origami model, is primarily made up of two colors – yellow, for the body, and white, for the spiky white frill around his neck. While it may seem like this means two pieces of paper are needed, some clever engineering allowed ino87origami to use a single double-sided sheet. This sheet of paper, yellow on one side and white on the other, begins in their video as a 25cm by 25cm square, before being carefully folded and sculpted into the shape of a Jolteon. It would have taken ino87origami only “Approximatly one hour” of work to complete the model, which testifies to their know-how. The end result is an impressive example of Pokemon fan art.

The experience ino87origami has with their craft is easy to see in both their speed and confidence in their work, not to mention the end result. This Jolteon is extremely impressive to behold, being clearly defined despite the obvious simplifications that origami requires. He has no eyes or mouth, and the insides of Jolteon’s ears aren’t brown as they should be, but in the overall look that doesn’t really matter. Jolteon’s silhouette is clearly recognizable even in simplified form, as are most Pokemontitular creatures. This has helped ino87origami successfully capture the essence of Jolteon’s design in a beautiful traditional art form, contributing to the wealth of incredible fan art dedicated to Pokemon‘s Eveelutions.

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