Purificación García storefronts in Saudi Arabia get a facelift thanks to creative talents


Purificación García has partnered with the Glm Rsas Art Foundation and art students from Dar Alhekma University to create four unique works of art for their showcases in Saudi Arabia. The special activation in the stores of the Kingdom’s upscale Spanish fashion house is part of their Thinkers program, an initiative that aims to showcase and support emerging talents at the CCG.

Talented attendees brought to life the four storefronts of Riyadh Park in Riyadh and Nakheel Mall and Red Sea and Mall of Arabia in Jeddah. Creative students and instructors painted origami-shaped calla lilies, inspired by the brand’s signature “Cala” floral print, in colors that represent its identity. Each artwork also has part of the brand’s initials so that when combined, the PG logo is complete.

Robert Mapplethorpe is one of the designer’s most admired artists, and flowers have also played a fundamental role in his work. Purificación García’s fascination with calla lilies stems from Mapplethorpe’s flower photographs, and the beautiful flowers have subsequently become synonymous with the label that combines the worlds of fashion and art.

Origami, which first appeared in Japan in ancient times, is a technique that turns paper into two-dimensional and three-dimensional subjects of various sizes. Models created from an initial square base range from simple to very complex. The traditional form of arts and crafts. now practiced all over the world, present for years in the brand’s collections and truly represents its DNA.

Artists who participated in the project:

Riyadh Park

  • Saeed Bakrbshat of the Glm Rsas Foundation of Art Nakheel Mall
  • Khaled Bin Awn of the Glm Rsas Art Foundation

Red Sea Shopping Center

  • Asayel Aljefry, student at Dar Alhekma University
  • Silwan Shaeer, student at Dar Alhekma University
  • Iman Islam, professor at Dar Alhekma University

Arabian Mall

  • Lujain Malak, student at Dar Alhekma University
  • Samira Kutbi, student at Dar Alhekma University
  • Ola Nassief, professor at Dar Alhekma University


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