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An introduction by Alex Gallacher (Folk Radio Editor):

Our shelves are often much more than a useful storage solution; what occupies them can be quite telling…we fill them with books and music we love, photos of loved ones and treasured objects that hold meaning and memory. As our first guest below says, they “tell a little story…”.

On the bookshelf is a new feature film in which I ask an artist to present “a shelf or shelves” from his home and talk about some of the objects that occupy it. There are no rules, it can be a selection of albums, their favorite music, or something more personal or a mixture of things. Kick off is Folk Radio’s favorite rachael dad.

But before we dive in, Rachael just shared a video for her new single, ‘Children of the Galaxy’. It is taken from his next album “Kaleidoscope” (October 14); the single was written on electric guitar with the hot springs sun beaming down from a deep blue sky.

Said Rachael, “We were locked down, I was living with my two children, as a single parent. Life needed a certain amount of escapism, and music and songwriting provided that. A combination of listening to Sun Ra at the time, the warm, sleeping sun, and discovering this particular pattern of notes meant that I could feel like I was on the other side of Earth’s atmosphere. and imagine other civilizations and a different way of life. compared to ours. “We are stardust, we are golden” from Woodstock by Joni Mitchell, was probably a subconscious influence. From high in space, we could look down and realize how precious life is, it was all born and connected to the universe.

Pre-order kaleidoscope and see tour dates below.

Ready Made with Rachael Dadd

The kitchen is where I spend a lot of my time, constantly cooking and tidying up, doing art projects with my two sons, catching up on administration, playing with the cat and sometimes, if I I’m lucky, laying on the couch for 10 minutes, and then there are the late nights where the energy allows me to pull out an instrument and play/write songs in that space.

My kitchen windowsill is quite cluttered as all the art projects on the kitchen table tend to be moved to the windowsill with every meal. But during summer vacation, my kids went with their dad to Japan, so I cleaned up the mess and organized the CDs. A rare chapter of zen!

What remained were the choice objects that tell a little story, make me think of loved ones, and the CDs in the same way that tell a story of loved ones and the cherished music of my teenage years.

A beautiful Asian little girl in an orange dress made in Lego by Shuki my 10 year old son. I like it so much because it’s so tender, a far cry from lego airships and other modes of transportation, and all the other lego kits you can buy at Asda.

A silver birch pencil drawing by dear artist friend Suzanne Elson. We shared motherhood together, shared a love of nature and took tree walks with our kids and let off steam after all those locked up days and tantrums.

Art by my lovely friend and booking agent Tucker. This is a piece he gave to my youngest son because they share a birthday. It’s a funny pink-faced man with red lips made from plasticine stuck to a rock – like some kind of weird newt! I love it!

A clay button by a friend I traded art with about 15 years ago – her name was Stella but I can’t remember her last name. She was a beautiful ceramist and a beautiful soul. I hope she is well now.

A dead butterfly with pearly cream wings that have an iridescent purple shimmer. Impossible to be more beautiful than nature.

A pot of fine markers and brushes (Art projects are starting to come back to the windowsill!)

A wooden round face sculpture made by my youngest son Oto at a festival with wrinkled bark for hair and nose, nails for eyes and stick for mouth

A series of portraits by Shuki by Oto made yesterday for Shuki’s 10th birthday

Best Stack CDs – 1) A way to escape through a hedge by Wig Smith. These are the kora and guitar songs of Does Newsome my very close friend and the other half of The Hand who passed away last year after an ongoing struggle with mental health and addiction issues. He was such a creative, beautiful, kind and humble person and I miss him everyday.

2) SPRING from Red Deer Sleeping, an EP of Songs for Spring by my friend Mog Fry who played at my house party recently. I love her music, she has a song about Will that makes me cry and cry in the way that music can allow.

3) HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHAEL, a handmade compilation (with origami inlay – see below) by my dear friend Chris Lucraft who released my music over 10 years ago on his Broken Sound label. This compilation is mostly jazz piano, mostly from the great late Esbjorn Svenson and I love it!

4) Tori Amos, Under The Pink, signed copy and tattered overlay from my teenage years that pours over and over to the lyrics. Tori Amos was my biggest idol as a horny teenager. I started to write songs on the piano at the age of 13 at the same time as discovering his music. I met her when I was 14 when she mixed Boys For Pele at the recording studio upstairs from my house. She was super sweet and let me play her a song on her piano. And that’s when she signed this album for me

Pre-order kaleidoscope

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