Riot confirms Zeri from League and Neon from Valorant are made as a set


It’s not just the soon to be released and teased of the two new additions to these two Riot games that have fans speculating about their connection, but also their similarities, which Riot has now officially confirmed.

Beyond the shooter, Zeri’s development began with another goal, which was to make a League Champion and a VALORANT Agent in tandem. About 20% of League players also play VAL, so Riot apparently wanted to see if they could create a set of characters that looked alike so you could run it on your main game in both games.

League and VALORANT don’t have much in common unless you count Scuttle. But one of the underlying similarities in the two games is that playable characters have unique sources of power.

“I worked closely with Riot Sojyoo and one of VALORANT’s senior concept artists, Konstantin ‘Zoonoid’ Maystrenko, to brainstorm a lot of different ideas,” recalls Gem “Lonewingy” Lim, Art Lead conceptual. “We had so many ideas! Origami paper magic, graffiti, fog and soot, light magic, liquid metal and mercury, human printer, baseball girl, VR game girl… And then someone suggested a bioluminescent electric eel girl, which we all thought was really cool.

Riot Games

Valorant – Neon

With the yet to be released Zeri and Neon sharing power sources as well as inspiration for their characters, we can expect their abilities to be relatively similar as well. So, game analysts from various fanbases, Zeri’s abilities are a known quantity, extrapolate them and draw conclusions about what Neon will have at her disposal!


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