Schools celebrate Math Day, organize other activities: The Tribune India


Gurukul World School, Chandigarh

Students celebrated National Mathematics Day to commemorate the birthday of the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Various hands-on activities were organized for the pupils of classes I to X. Class I enjoyed ‘Shapes Pizza – A Delight’, class II enjoyed ‘Mathematical Bingo’, class III enjoyed ‘Symetric Face Mask’. Class IV students participated in “My Dream House – One Room – Layout of Happiness” and class V also participated in “Angle Studio” and “Mathematical Treasure Hunt”. Students in class VI made beautiful patterns using tangrams. Class VII made beautiful and creative structures with origami leaves. The pupils of class VII surprised everyone by creating colorful patterns on grid paper using spirolateral spirals. Students in class IX participated in budgeting for their birthday parties. Students in grades IX and X also took part in a math quiz where they answered difficult questions face to face.

Vidya Valley School, new sunny enclave, Kharar

To commemorate the sacrifices of Char Sahibzaade, the school organized some activities. A special morning assembly was organized during which the students saw the film ‘Char Sahibzaade’ in the auditorium. Principal Dr Suman Lata said that we should salute the supreme sacrifice of these Sahibzaades. President Surinder Kaur and Director Simmerpreet Singh appreciated the efforts of staff and students.

DAV Public School, Chandigarh

The school organized the “Reading Together” activity. The activity lasted for 2022 seconds, during which the whole school paused for 33 minutes and 7 seconds. Students from different classes were involved virtually to read any book of their choice during the given time. Teaching and non-teaching staff actively participated in the activity.

Manav Rachna International School, Mohali

Principal Taruna Vashisht shares her experience as a “speaker” with over 10,000 parents and children, due to her leadership and contribution to the field of education.

DAV Higher Public School, Surajpur

To commemorate the Balidan Diwas of Swami Shradhanand, an independence activist from India, born February 22, 1856 and assassinated on December 23, 1926 in Delhi, a havan ceremony was held. Swami Shradhanand, who spread the teachings of Swami Dayanand, had played a vital role in institutions of educational institutions like Gurukul Kangri University. Principal Dr Mamta Goel, while elucidating his sacrifices and noble deeds, said a new light of hope must be kindled to awaken the world to the restoration of humanity.

Saupin School, Panchkula

To mark the birthday of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, a series of fun math activities was organized for grades I to IX. The students gave speeches emphasizing the importance of celebrating this day and also spoke about the significant contribution made by the mathematician. They solved tricky puzzles and puzzles, performed magic tricks using important mathematical concepts, played card games, made bills, jumped on the number right, rolled the dice, and had fun with dice. clay to understand different mathematical concepts.


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