Seven origami animals turn New York’s clothing district into a bustling menagerie



#animals #origami #public art #sculpture #street art

September 24, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images by Alexandre Ayer / Diversity Pictures for the Garment District Alliance, shared with permission

Thanks to Gerardo Gomez-Martinez (aka Hacer), the public plazas of Broadway in New York’s Garment District are now an origami-style animal zoo. The Mexican-American artist installed a series of powder coated steel sculptures that dominate the dining rooms and aisles as part of Transformations. Commissioned by The Garment District Alliance, the project consists of seven creatures of varying sizes, including a yellow dog, a magenta elephant, a green bear cub, and two turquoise rabbits and coyotes, one of which spans 14 feet from nose to tail.

If you’re in Manhattan, stop by the plazas between 36th and 39th Street before November 23 to see the daring animals in person. (thank you, Laura!)

#animals #origami #public art #sculpture #street art

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