Spring reminds us that it’s time for our renewal – Sentinel and Enterprise


Spring is the great triumph. Recognition of truth both within ourselves and in the world. It is the awakening of things once dormant or seemingly lost. There are parts of ourselves that have been folded up like sacred origami, preserved, ready for the day when enough light and warmth has entered the tight bud to call it into existence.

This arrangement of leaves in a bud is called its “vernation” from the Latin vernal for spring. Vernal Equinox. Veritas aequi. The unveiled truth of balance and equality. The flower, the leaf, the tree, even us humans all start out that way. We feel like we are unformed when in reality we are just still unfolded.

I recently saw a documentary on origami and its technical applications. Things like spacewalking, foldable robots, and a good deal of contemporary origami art itself. One point that has been raised is that the leaf structure already exists in the bud, but it’s folded so tightly that it looks like it’s not even there. But everything was there. Waiting for spring.

What can we say about the story? About the story we’re living in right now? How we feel about the earth moving beneath our feet composes the folds of our future selves. Do not forget this feeling, as uncomfortable as it is.

Sometimes we feel so helpless. But it is an illusion. We feel that we have to act, but we don’t know how, or we are afraid, or we fear that our actions will be useless. Be at peace. Let’s remind ourselves once in a while to just breathe deeply and push the light into the corners. If you just care about pushing the light into the dark, the light will always know what to do next.

As we enter a new and beautiful season, let’s take advantage of the good feelings it creates in us and develop them. If you want to program your brain to be in tune with abundance, for example, pay more attention to the abundance unfolding all around you. If you believe that there is an energetic layer that influences our ability to manifest, whether it be God or the Universe, that is how you connect with It. Theist or atheist, it’s the same thing. Thinking changes reality.

Spring is more than a time when life renews itself. This is the physical object of our prayer for new realities. Spring is an opportunity to renew more than the earth.

We breathe fresh air and feel better after a dark winter with too little light. What if we inspire more consciously? What if, when we feel most helpless, we choose to see new air as more than just oxygen and nitrogen with a little water vapor and a hint of pollution to remind us of our responsibilities to Earth. We have power that we don’t use.

Dig deep into the earth with your mind. Call on her for your own renewal, your own courage. There is not an atom in your body which has not come to you from the earth. And before that, it came from the stars.

Wil Darcangelo, M.Div, is minister of First Parish UU Church of Fitchburg and First Church of Christ, Unitarian in Lancaster. He is the producer of The UU Virtual Church of Fitchburg and Lancaster on YouTube and the host of the Our Common Dharma podcast series. Email [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @wildarcangelo. His blog, Hopeful Thinking, can be found at www.hopefulthinkingworld.blogspot.com.


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