Stanthorpe Show Craftsmen | Warwick today and Stanthorpe today


The craft sub-committee has had a busy few months in preparation for the Stanthorpe 2022 show.

In October a morning tea was held to help raise funds for prize money.

Besides the delicious morning tea offerings, the event was an opportunity for many to catch up with friends.

It’s been a tough time over the past year and opportunities like this have been rare.

We thank everyone who enjoyed the treats and participated in the fun, your support is much appreciated.

The disappointment when the show was postponed in January has long been forgotten now with the new dates – April 23 and 24.

Craftsmanship will be at the forefront of the many wonderful exhibition areas featured in the fairgrounds.

Our public voting classes this year will be between our younger and older artisans.

Both classes will be part of the wall exhibit, and children aged five to twelve are welcome to create any object, as long as it can be hung on the wall.

Older ones will create their own design using any fabric or medium with the option to hang or pin to the wall.

Open classes include many tried and tested favorites.

We hope others will tackle felt, gift sets and mosaics – all of which can be found on Pinterest.

For those who like to work with ropes or straw materials, the macrame course is available.

One of the new classes for 2022 is Lapweaving.

Bears and dolls are always a popular group of entries to see, and this year the different classes include the classic furry bear, a bear or doll dressed in handmade clothes, or a bear or doll knit or crochet.

These courses are open to beginner craftsmen.

Our 2021 craftsmanship champion was a gentleman who created the “dunny”.

We hope more people will try their luck, whether it’s building something out of scraps or breaking the bank by entering the ManCrafters class.

We heard that some were actively training for our papercraft and origami classes.

Many open classes are available for beginners.

Lego creations will also be exhibited again at the show.

This year, three of these classes include “how-to” instructions for early childhood and 5th-6th graders.

In all ages and grades you will find weaving, finger puppet making, foil pictures and friendship bracelets.

Another new class for students in grades five through six involves creating crafts using a commercial craft kit.

Teen crafters can set their sights on a tie-dye t-shirt or add to the decor of the house by creating candles.

The full program can be viewed by email, let us know at [email protected] or find Handcraft under subcommittees on the Stanthorpe Show website.

There are 126 classes to choose from.

Our four judges specialize in open-ended, youth, and lego activities, and the only thing they agree on is how much fun it gives them to see Stanthorpe at his creative best.


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