Statue of Vladimir Putin appears in Central Park in New York to denounce “the absurdity of war”


Children use toy guns to spray water on the statue of Vladimir Putin installed in Central Park, New York | Photo courtesy: Instagram/@jamescolomina

Photo: Twitter


  • Colomina took credit for the installation in Manhattan.
  • A similar sculpture has already popped up in Barcelona.
  • “This sculpture aims to denounce the absurdity of war,” said the artist.
New York, USA: The President of Russia became a subject of mockery and scorn among children in the United States when a sculpture of Vladimir Putin appeared on a playground in New York’s Central Park.
The blood-red statue of Putin, which depicts him sitting on a miniature tank, was erected in New York by French artist James Colomina.

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“🩸Vladimir🩸 This sculpture aims to denounce the absurdity of war and to highlight the courage of children in the face of violent and catastrophic situations triggered by others,” Colomina explained Thursday in an Instagram post.

Footage shows children covering the Putin sculpture with sand, pretending to point a (water) gun at its face and curiously staring at the red figure.

A similar sculpture of “Bloody Putin on the Chariot” has already appeared in Barcelona, ​​Spain, when the street artist installed it in the Parque de Joan Miró in July and an identical statue before this appeared in the Luxembourg garden in Paris.

The installation comes more than five months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In its wake of destruction, Russia has inflicted a mass exodus as at least 12 million people have fled Ukraine, killed nearly 100 soldiers every day and destabilized the current world order.

Colomina’s work is undeniably recognizable in the brilliant red sculptures that are often secretly installed in public places.

Earlier this year, a shockingly evocative work of art by the Toulouse-based artist, titled ‘Le petit migrant’, toured some of Paris’ most iconic locations, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triumph.

“It’s a body, that of a 6-year-old child, lying down and covered with a sheet, as if he were dead, with an origami boat on his stomach,” he told Actu Toulouse. . “I wanted to create a visual shock by installing it in emblematic places, where there was a contrast between the work, which symbolizes a migrant in the greatest destitution, and the abundance of our society. It made passers-by uncomfortable, but that was the point.


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