Stuck at home? Here are some things to do next to Binging Netflix


With talk of possible broader lockdowns looming – or already happening on a smaller scale – and given the current situation in Shanghai, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking hard, what will I do if my complex ends up being locked?

Beyond practical preparations like stocking up on food and essentials, having an action plan in place for things to do to occupy yourself while stuck at home can be a good idea. After all, spending all the time binging Netflix probably won’t do wonders for your physical or mental health.


Everyone who knows me knows that I love to read, so first on my list would be to tackle the ever-growing pile of books lying on my bookshelf to read. If you’re not a book collector like me, then no problem. You can buy books for Kindle and, if you haven’t already, download the Kindle app to your phone or laptop.

Reading can also be a great way to connect with others who are also locked up. Why not create your own book club or join an already existing book club like Spittoon’s and you can talk about it virtually?


No, you won’t be able to hit the gym, but there are still tons of different exercises you can do at home, many of which require little or no equipment. In fact, if there’s anything the last two years have given us, it’s a whole pool of resources to use in the event of a lockdown. There are countless free workouts designed specifically for getting stuck on YouTube alone – take the popular Pilates brand Blogilates. In 2020, founder Cassie Ho has designed a 14-day apartment-friendly workout plan to help you stay fit and sane. Check it out!

Spring cleaning

You might have guessed it from my bookshelf to read, but I am an avowed collector through and through. However, being stuck at home could be the perfect opportunity for me to finally force myself to go through the insane amount of clothes, shoes, bags and other miscellaneous items I’ve managed to accumulate over these five years of life. here.

It’s not just about sorting things it could just be about deep cleaning your apartment for once, for one I’m guilty of never moving that table or the sofa to clean behind it so it’s this might be your chance!

Online Classes

Another productive use of your time could be to study some online courses. It could be language lessons, if you’re one of the many foreigners here guilty of not speaking Chinese, this could be the perfect opportunity, or maybe there’s another language you’re interested in – LTL actually offers online courses 24/7! Or maybe you are interested in studying something completely random, well, there are a whole range of courses, often even free, available, such as those offered by Harvard.

Puzzles and games

Exercise your brain by making a puzzle shape, it can be a physical puzzle like a puzzle you dragged (guilty as accused) or one of those brain training apps on your phone. One of my recent favorites has been Wordle, which has gradually evolved into also the Quardle and now even an insane 16 Wordle puzzle named Sedordle!

Along the same lines, if you won’t be stuck at home alone, how about dusting off a board game or playing some charades – hey maybe even a game of I-Spy might be fun, “I spy with my little eye something starting with D…yep it’s 大白 dà bái you got it!”

Find your friends and family

Maybe a bit obvious, but staying social, especially if you live alone, is pretty essential. When I was quarantined in Xiamen for two weeks in 2020, I made sure to schedule lots of video calls with my family and friends, some of whom were also in quarantine, because I get bored of my own pretty quickly. business. It can also be helpful to talk to someone who is going through the same thing as you, just to have a moan, laugh or even a cry can be quite therapeutic.


So the latter will very much depend on what you already have on hand, although I think most people should at least have a pen and paper, right?

Find a drawing tutorial online, draw the view outside your window, or make a still life of something in your house. I did a paint by number while I was in quarantine and found it super relaxing and an easy way to use the time! If you have paper, maybe you can also try a little origami or if you have spare RMB 1 bills lying around, you can turn them into really cute origami hearts, because let’s face it, nobody uses money nowadays.

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