Teacher reserves Guinness spot for origami peacocks – the New Indian Express


By Express news service

HYDERABAD: A few years ago, when Ravi Kumar Toleti, a math teacher thought about getting into origami, it was to teach the material to students in a new way. He says it took over a week to master one type of origami, but since then Ravi has fallen in love with the art of folding.

Today, Ravi Kumar, 57, has become a Guinness World Record holder, with his unique exhibit record of 1,776 origami pieces and the largest exhibit. Ravi said he wanted to dedicate this record to the homeland, so he chose a three-dimensional structure and India’s national bird, the peacock, to make this record.

Stating that origami taught him patience, he told Express that in his effort to create the recordings, he had, on average, spent four hours a day for 16 days (October 29, 2020 to November 14, 2020) at make 1,800 peacock folds. “It was a difficult task, but my passion for origami was the driving force,” he said.

The exhibition for the recording was performed at the Kalamandir auditorium at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trimulgherry in Secunderabad on November 15, 2020. After full authentication, Guinness World Records recognized the initiative as the largest peacock exhibition in origami July 24, 2021. Monday, he dedicated his record to the 75th Independence Day.

Ravi also uses his art as a tool to teach math and science concepts to students, for which he posts videos on his YouTube channel. He also teaches children to make different origami structures, including camels, foxes, pandas and gazelles. “Origami has many applications and can be a profession for aspiring students. It is used in medical diagnostics, space department for solar modules, aerospace for parachute folds, DNA helix, manufacturing, engineering work, and many creative doors are made with folds origami. The opportunities are endless on the pitch, ”he says.


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