The 6 best exhibitions to see in London at the end of August


Tabish Khan on @LondonArtCritic is picking her best exhibits to see right now, this week, these are all the exhibits to see before the end of August. Each comes with a concise review to help you decide if it’s for you. Those looking for outdoor exhibits should check out his best outdoor works of art, where all of them can still be seen..

Georgia Tucker: Advena @ W Hotel
Many of us want to get away on vacation but don’t feel comfortable doing so? Well, now you can escape to a suite at the W Hotel and immerse yourself in a tropical paradise through a virtual reality experience, and also use augmented reality to create a world in the hotel room. On top of all this, the hotel suite was also designed to be a fun, immersive environment. It’s a chance to get away from it all while staying in London and it made me feel good. Until September 12 – free, reservation required.

Oscar Murillo: Frequencies @ Cardinal Pole Catholic School
We all drew on desks when we were kids, but Oscar Murillo took it one step further by fixing rough canvases at school desks and letting kids around the world relax on those canvases. They all came back and now we can see over 40,000 stacked in the artist’s old school. As Picasso once said, every child is an artist and here is proof that creativity is still strong among our youngest citizens of the world. Until August 30.

Prismatic Minds @ Flowers, Cork Street
A life-size cut of a bodybuilder glued to the wall, colorful felt figures and origami figures. This bold and colorful collection of largely self-taught artists is a cheerful selection of works by those who would normally be classified as foreign artists. So it’s great to see them on Cork Street in Mayfair, often considered the home of British art galleries, in an exhibition curated by Jennifer Gilbert of Jennifer Lauren Gallery and Russell Tovey. Until August 28.

Conversations with God: Copernicus by Jan Matejko @ The National Gallery
I have always been a huge fan of the free one-room exhibitions at the National Gallery. In this case, it’s a painting by Jan Matejko commemorating Copernicus’ discovery that the Earth revolves around the sun. Accompanied by Copernicus’ original drawing of the heliocentric model and a magnificent gold astrolabe, this is another fabulous one-piece exhibition focused on a singular painting. Until August 30.

Mother of Humanity @ House of Fine Art
A striking collection of works by all black female artists around the world, in styles ranging from the colorful and exuberant work of Marcellina Akpojotor from scraps of fabric to the ethereal figures of Bria Fernandez. Curated by Adora Mba of the ADA Gallery, this is an impressive selection of figurative artists painting in various styles. Until August 31.

A great day to see @ Southwark Park Galleries
It’s a great idea to pair poets with artists and have them work together, so we can walk around the gallery space looking at a work like Hew Locke’s boat and while we have our own interpretation, we can also listen to the point of view of the poet Roy McFarlane. . It’s an approach that allows us to step away from the usual wall text or press release and let the poets guide you through the gallery, curated by poet Dr Tamar Yoseloff and fellow FAD writer Paul Carey-Kent. Until August 29.

Copernicus photo by Grzegorz Zygier. All other images are courtesy of the respective artists and galleries.


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