The Block 2022 Episode 5 Bathroom Reveal: Underdogs Omar & Oz Win Bathroom Week


As bathroom week got very personal for an enraged Shaynna Blaze, a last-minute toilet paper origami stain wins series underdogs Omar and Oz.

Unexpectedly (in a biting finish that almost left Jenny reaching for a sick bucket in anticipation), the Sydneysiders pushed the competition with an unorthodox bathroom they had previously admitted was not to their liking.

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After placing last and receiving harsh words from Shaynna, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker for their challenge room, Omar and Oz decided to do some research and scour the judges’ Instagram profiles for inspiration.

After seeing the type of decor that Darren, Neale and Shaynna preferred through their social media accounts, the boys decided to put their own preferences aside and focus on creating rooms that others would like.

“These things shouldn’t work together and yet they do,” Neale said approvingly as he surveyed the boys’ patchwork of wood paneling, herringbone wall tiles and patterned floor tiles.

Oz also spent the final moments before revealing a YouTube tutorial on clever toilet paper folding, which impressed Shaynna.

Both turned out to be a hit. A big hit, with the duo pocketing the weekly prize of $10,000, a mature tree to plant on their property (which will be awarded to the winners each week for landscaping their 10-acre property) and a whopping $250,000 in kitchen appliances.

“I could kiss that toilet paper!” an ecstatic Omar decried by his equally jubilant opponent.

As Omar and Oz celebrated the win, Neighbors actress Sharon was reduced to tears by the harsh reactions over her grim bathroom.

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Shaynna in particular was damning in her critique of the style choices Sharon had been agonizing over all week.

Admitting House 3 was her favorite property on The Block this year, Shaynna said Sharon and Ankur were not showing the ‘old lady’ the respect she deserved with their choices.

“Are you going to treat her like that?” Because if you’re gonna treat her like that, you’re gonna have to deal with me,” Shaynna said, sounding a bit like a cowboy defending his wife’s honor in a bad midday movie.

Neale was equally puzzled, commenting upon entering the room, “Last week Ankur and Sharon took us to the cellar and this week I don’t know where they took us.”

“Well, it’s not that beautiful Victorian house, that’s for sure,” Shaynna countered.

Both Neale and Shaynna said they didn’t feel well in Sharon and Ankur’s “claustrophobic” and dark bathroom. But Darren, rather liked her sultry moodiness.

The returns weren’t a huge surprise. Foremen Dan and Keith had previously poured cold water on its finishes and design, with Keith calling their efforts “disgusting” after his final inspection of flaws.

Despite their late but extremely confident first challenge, Ryan and Rachel’s hopes of victory were dashed.

Mainly because they hadn’t been aware of the challenge room comments that the judges were looking for rooms that honored the house’s heritage.

Shaynna loved the thoughtful storage, but questioned the double shower, saying it was best used in a master bathroom rather than the master bathroom.

“Because siblings won’t shower together. That would be weird,” Palmer added.

Sharing second place, Jenny and Dylan, and Sara-Jane and Tom’s bathrooms nailed the mix of old and new.

Unfortunately, Sarah-Jane and Tom’s small shower screen and lack of proper storage, as well as Jenny and Dylan’s tiny shower stall cost them the price.

Maybe if they had thought about folding the toilet paper differently, that might have been a different story.


Tom and Sarah-Jane: 25.5

Rachel and Ryan: 23.5

Ankur and Sharon: 20.5

Dylan and Jenny: 25.5

Omar and Oz: 26


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