The Block 2022 exclusive: How to recreate Oz’s toilet paper origami after Blockhead wows the judges with his bathroom skills


The block’s Omar and Oz are now self-proclaimed “bathroom kings” after being crowned winners for their master bathroom and master bathroom.

But it’s one small detail in each of the winning rooms that really got people talking – Oz’s mad skills at bending the end of toilet paper into something utterly delicious.

In an exclusive video – which you can watch above – Oz revealed how he created the ‘rose’ and ‘shell’ pleats so you can add a touch of glamor to your own bathroom.

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His advice was simple: “Get a toilet paper, have a design, have a style and do it.”

Oz revealed how to fold toilet paper into a rose and a shell after he and Omar won two bathroom weeks. (Instagram)

“It was tough back then, but the first design I came up with was the rose,” he said.

He then explained that you should: “Deploy [the toilet roll]pinch [the end]then twirl it around your finger.”

“The further you go, the thicker it gets and the bigger the rose will be,” he added. “Keep rolling, pinch, twist one more time, then on the watercress, push it through…and it’s pretty much a rose, isn’t it!”

New Look

He then showed fans how to make his main design, the hull.

He first tore off about three pieces of toilet paper, before folding it like an accordion.

“It’s pretty much a twist and a turn, a flip, a flip, keep twisting,” he said. “So spread it.”

oz the toilet paper pad hack
Oz looked proud of his work as he showed fans how to create the hull from his main bathroom. (Instagram)

After creating the shell, he then focused on making a “socket” in the toilet paper roll where his creation would sit.

“We’re going to turn that into a point, so the ventilator can be placed inside,” he said.

He then placed the fan in the scroll, giving the illusion that it was a shell. So !

omar and oz toilet paper roll the block 2022
Pictured is a shot of the finished hull in Omar and Oz’s master bathroom. (New)

Talking about his trademark bending skills, Oz laughed, “Have I done it before, ever! Am doing it at home, no! Would I do it again, absolutely not !

“But the reason I took my time designing the toilet paper is to show the judges how we’re here to execute from start to finish, to really show them that we have a keen eye for detail.”

He concluded by saying, “Let’s go baby, Omar and Oz!”

Watch the full Oz tutorial in the video above and find it here on Instagram.

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Omar and Oz master bathroom

Judges blown away by the “ingenuous” bathroom.

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