The musical beginnings of Jikamarie an escape from fatigue, exhaustion


When you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the tireless toil of life, imagine yourself in a lush forest, surrounded by nature and fairies. Then we get carried away, literally and figuratively, in a prism of magical fantasy and hum a tune to the lyrics that say: “Ah basta gusto ko lang namang magpalutang-lutang/Magpatangay sa banayad na ihip ng hangin nakakapagod ang puro pangangamba/ Kailangan ko yatang matutong huminga.

This is how up-and-coming artist Angelica Ponce, also known as Jikamarie (stylized as jikamarie), conceptualized the music video for her single Lutang, which is all about expressing her feelings of tiredness escalating into tiredness, paired with l ‘anxiety.

She wanted the official video to be as “cartoonish and tacky as possible” to convey the main feelings of the track.

“Yung concept po kasi niya is about the song, it’s about the emotional, physical and mental fatigue and stress we go through every day with work, with school and how it makes us feel like literally floating” , began jikamarie in an exclusive Zoom chat with The STAR.

The singer-songwriter while filming the clip for his single.

The video also featured a girl who was held back by her father because she is an artist and her only way to express her creativity is to turn her paintings into origami.

“Being called into the forest is literally, in my opinion, the best portrayal of escapism. Parang na siya desperate for an escape, she wants a place where she can be free. Be the artist she is. Be herself and that leak happens to be fairies calling her to be in the forest,” jikamarie explained.

The young artist herself can somewhat relate to the situation with her father, who wanted her to focus on her architecture class rather than music.

“My parents used to tell me, ‘Architecture student ka, bakit ka nag-uubos ng panahon na magsulat ng kanta’,” she shared. “Mga ganung comment but i kinda exaggerated this a bit because i know a lot of filipino kids will tell his po nung aspect ganung video. Especially here in the philippines, parang ang pinaka-ayaw ng parents na maaging career ng bata is all about art, which is sad, and I wanted to emulate that in the music video.

Jikamarie, however, plans to pursue both fields now that she is in her final year as an architecture student and, at the same time, build a career in music.

The singer-songwriter did not expect Lutang to attract so much attention. The track, under Warner Music Philippines (WMP), has generated 10 million consolidated streams on Spotify.

“I wrote Lutang at 5am, having completed a major architectural plaque and was so exhausted – physically, emotionally and mentally. I felt so defeated, like I had no choice but to do my chores because I just needed them — not because they made me happy to do them,” she shared. in a press release.

“That tiredness turned into tiredness, combined with anxiety, because in addition to the academic career that demanded so much of my time and energy, I also wanted to pursue music – my childhood dream. Really bad “, she added.

She continued, “I was deciding if I would continue with architecture or move into a music-related career, maybe even give up completely to work on my music. The pressure of choosing between the two very risky options made me want to literally “float” instead of having the burden of deciding. When I made the demo, I showed it to my brother and since he had the skills to produce music, I gave him the song.

Jikamarie comes from a family of musicians. Her brother is a drummer and her parents were bandmates in college, where her father was the lead guitarist while her mother was the vocalist. His “rockstar” image is heavily influenced by his mother’s penchant for hard rock, such as Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses, and his father’s preference for Original Pilipino Music (OPM), including Eraserheads. She is also a fan of IV of Spades and is a BTS ARMY.

The artist was discovered by WMP artists and repertoire manager Kelley Mangahas, who became interested in her work after hearing Lutang who had 100,000 streams at the time.

Maintaining a good relationship with his followers is what jikamarie wants to be known for.

“I just want to be the artist that works with my followers,” she said. “I like that reputation. I want to keep this relationship with my subscribers and I want them to be as involved as possible since they are the primary consumers of my music and content. They are the reason I am here. They stream my song, they promote my song and it’s just that they participate in my writing process.

“I think that’s something I can be proud of,” she added. “One thing po na parang nag-blow-up yung iba kong kanta, I live stream on TikTok, then write songs with my followers. Ako nagsusulat ng (initial words), tapos nag-bibigay sila suggested lyrics. I’ve done a lot of songs with them and it’s very, very fun,” she said.

Although it’s not a new concept, “I’m just glad I can do this and people know me for it,” she added.

She also believed that the “Filipino music scene is active” and told The STAR that “if you embrace the Filipino music industry, it will come back to you as an artist”. One way to do this is to “contribute to the culture of mutual promotion” by supporting and spreading the music of Filipino artists.

It’s a good time to make his debut as an artist, according to jikamarie. “Filipino listeners are smart and know what they want to listen to. Hindi sila namimili kung sikat ka, kung gaano ka na katagal sa industriya, or sino ba ang connection mo, wala silang pakialam sa ganun. (If) they like your song, (if) they like your stuff, they’ll support you. I really like it and it’s very exciting for new artists like me and mga susunod po sa akin.

His advice to new talent, who want to give the music industry a boost, is “to establish who you are first (as an artist) before they (listeners can) recognize you. and support you” and “create a platform, connect with your fans and followers because they are your partners.

The musical newcomer has just released Lutang: The Mixtape, featuring producers including Timothy Run, Squid 9, DJ Young and LUSTBASS and fellow viral sensation Paul Pablo. She is currently working on her next single about “Somebody’s Desire for Affection and Time”.


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