The new Cadillac CELESTIQ includes 115 3D printed parts

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As planned by 3dpbm in July 2022, the Cadillac CELESTIQ, described by GM “as the most technologically advanced Cadillac to date,” features an impressive 115 3D-printed parts in the production vehicle, demonstrating the widest use of this process by GM. Additively manufactured parts include the center of the steering wheel, which is the largest printed metal part in production by GM, combining the exposure surface and the structural B-side of the part. Another 3D printed part is the adjustable seat belt guide buckle, which is GM’s first safety-related 3D printed part.

Other 3D printed parts include: window switches, grab handles, console decor and structural parts below the vehicle’s surface, which help make this pioneering car one of the first ultra sedans. -the world’s fully electric luxury using innovative technology in the service of personalization, craftsmanship. In particular, the steering wheel decor would be impossible to create with typical metal castings and CNC milling.

Interior view of the Cadillac CELESTIQ showing the 55-inch A-pillar display.

To create the CELESTIQ, Cadillac drew on all eras and all elements of its heritage to deliver the most advanced, luxurious and one of the most significant vehicles the brand has ever produced. This legacy culminated in the opening of GM Additive Industrialization Center, on the GM Global Technical Center campus in 2020, which established Cadillac at the forefront of functional and aesthetic 3D printed components in the automotive industry. The Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V were GM’s first vehicles to benefit from additive manufacturing with parts such as the shifter emblem, transmission components and HVAC ducts.

In addition to the extensive use of direct AM, the CELESTIQ underbody features six large, precision sand-cast aluminum components. Each molding reduces the number of parts by 30 to 40 components, compared to a typical stamped construction. The advantages are more efficient use of space, simplicity and better structural rigidity. CELESTIQ precision sand-cast content and processes are ideal for low-volume hand-built and custom-built vehicles.

Each CELESTIQ vehicle will also feature more than 300 manufactured parts in the body structure, chassis, interior and electrical components. This ‘Flex Fabrication’ process uses sheets of metal that can be bent and manipulated into the unique shapes required for the CELESTIQ design – a process closer to metal origami than traditional stamping.

    New Cadillac CELESTIQ features 115 3D printed parts, including GM's first safety-related AM part and GM
Rear 3/4 view of the Cadillac CELESTIQ on a plateau with a view of the mountains in the background.

“CELESTIQ is the purest expression of Cadillac, recognizing our incredible history and leading us into a bolder and brighter future,” said Cadillac Global Vice President Rory Harvey. “This is a completely bespoke automotive work of art, built around the most advanced and innovative technology we have ever put into an automobile.”

CELESTIQ’s story is built on heritage, with its design, cutting-edge technology and personalized luxury rooted in Cadillac’s history of building iconic handcrafted vehicles such as the 1933 V16 Aerodynamic Coupe and the 1957 Eldorado Brougham.

Every CELESTIQ is personally commissioned – no two are alike. Customers will work directly with their selected dealership and Cadillac designers to realize their unique vision for the car, with unprecedented levels of customization tailored to reflect the owner’s tastes.

Handcrafted Cadillac CELESTIQ plaque located on the driver’s side door sill.

This unique and individualized experience is enhanced by Cadillac’s leadership in electrification, available hands-free driver assistance technology and connected services. CELESTIQ also sets the benchmark for handcrafted, multi-sensory and immersive luxury EV experiences.

“CELESTIQ is unlike any Cadillac before it and the customer experience is equally exceptional,” said Harvey. “Each vehicle is a unique expression of its owner, leveraging advanced technologies that make the driving experience personal and rewarding.”

The new Cadillac CELESTIQ is expected to go into production in December 2023, with an MSRP expected to start north of $300,000 and increase depending on the level of customization. Availability is on a waiting list only.


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