The SH Center for the Arts is seeking applications for a juried exhibition


The South Haven Center for the Arts has announced a “call for artists” for everything folds and unfolds.
Everything Folds and Unfolds is a regional art exhibition with jury. This call is for artists in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Registration deadline: August 28, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. (ET)
Apply here

Entry guidelines are available here
Entrance Fee: $40 for up to 3 plays or $15 for student artists and artists economically impacted by COVID or other unforeseen events.

There will be a $500 first place prize and a $250 second place prize.


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Accepted artists will be notified by email on Friday, September 2, 2022.

Pictured: Juror Jiangmei Wu

In nature, folding is at work everywhere and can be seen everywhere, for example, in the folding and unfolding of leaves, in protein expressions, and where tectonic plates collide and form steep mountains and valleys. . Folding is also a human activity and a cultural expression, as seen in traditional craft origami, in the packing and unpacking of boxes, where stories and understandings unfold and are spent. Folding can be seen as a conceptual expression and a material operation. This call seeks artists who explore diverse didactic materials and cultural concepts through folding and unfolding. The work can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional and can be in any medium.
Juror: Jiangmei Wu is an interdisciplinary researcher who does spatial and interior art and design projects involving math, science, and engineering. Recently, she has investigated the relationship between geometry, surface texture, computational algorithms, and fabrication techniques in the art and science of paper folding. His large-scale origami-inspired installations have been exhibited in cities across the United States as well as in China, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and Thailand. In addition to winning multiple awards for her artwork and design, she also holds three US patents for her innovative design techniques. His academic papers have been published in several leading research journals in the field of interior design and mathematical art.


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