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One thing I love almost as much as stories is crafting! There’s something so fun about creating things with your own hands – it even reminds me of writing because you end up with something entirely new that you created. But I digress. Thanks to the content black hole that is TikTok, one day I was browsing when I came across a beautiful intersection of these two things. Sure, I’ve seen bookish DIYs somewhere before, but what I like about them is that they tend to be a bit easier. Although I can definitely say that there will be varying levels of difficulty in the TikTok book DIYs I’ve chosen for today.

After browsing through these TikTok book DIYs for a while, I noticed a pattern. There are some super easy crafts you can do with a computer and printer. These are mostly inspired by books. There are others who use books to make decorations too. There are some that are used to decorate your shelves/books and, funny enough, I saw plenty of TikToks about it manufacturing books. Again, they all have varying degrees of difficulty, but I’ve picked eight that I think most people can do at home with no problem!

But let’s get to the bookish TikTok DIYs, shall we?

8 fun bookish DIYs on TikTok

I love bookish decor as much as anyone, which is why I love seeing this DIY for roses made out of book pages! They are relatively simple to make, although they do take a bit of time. But this TikTok explains all the steps with ease and the result is amazing! Plus, all you really need are book pages, glue, and scissors. Maybe a little wire or a stick to put them on – which is optional. This is one of those DIYs that you can spontaneously do at home anytime.

I also found out that you can make these kinds of origami butterflies out of book pages and they look wonderful! The original DIY is a little hard to follow to be honest with such quick cuts. But I found another one that uses these butterflies as bookmarks and the process is very similar. The end result changes a bit, but I think they work the same. Whether as a bookmark or as decoration, they are super easy to make. All you need is paper and scissors (and colors if you want to decorate it further). I did both and preferred the bookmark version. It’s much easier to follow, so that’s the one you’ll see below!

I’m a reader who likes to use tabs on books or never touches them at all. Part of the problem is that I always forget to carry my tabs with my book. That’s exactly why I loved this bookish TikTok DIY! You just need a printer, tabs and something to laminate this simple bookmark. My favorite part? You can customize each color according to your needs! Plus, the sky really is the limit for the design of the bookmark itself – so you can decorate it however you like. Or even according to the book!

The moment these fanart prints appeared on my feed, I fell head over heels in love with them. Plus, when I saw the real DIY, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make them! The hardest part of this whole business is finding a book that you don’t mind tearing out its pages. Other than that, it’s a super simple process – and it’s all detailed in the TikTok.

Quick advice! When you re-download the artwork from Canva to print, make sure it stays in PNG format! This is how you keep the background transparent so you can see the book page under the design.

I’m sure we’ve all seen these beautiful mini books all over the place online. Well, it turns out they’re super easy to make. You just need a printer, scissors, paper and Mod Podge to create your little book collection! Oh, and to make things even easier, the mini book grid they mention is linked on their profile. This bookish DIY takes more time than others, but it’s totally worth it. Plus, the tutorial is one of the easiest to follow I’ve ever seen on TikTok, and I for one look forward to doing as many of them as possible.

The floating shelves look amazing and I never thought they would be so easy to make. They use more specific materials, but nothing too difficult to buy at a hardware or craft store. You just need a long dowel, flat washers, screw eyes and string. It really is this easy. Floating shelves can help if you’re low on shelf space, the never-ending problem of us bookworms. But my favorite thing is that they also look like bedroom decor!

This bookish TikTok DIY might be the most difficult on this list. You definitely need to be more experienced to create a book corner insert. But I think this tutorial is a good starting point because it helps you know what materials to use and you can just follow along before committing to your own idea! Despite the level of difficulty, the video is easy to follow. And if you don’t like the theme, it’s pretty easy to switch things up with other printed backgrounds and craft supplies!

Quick Tip: Almost any box will do! Even shoe boxes are ideal for creating book corner inserts. If you want to give it some depth, you can use a mirror and place it diagonally in the back for a curved effect.

Last but not least, what if you could make a real book? I’ve seen a lot of book binding DIYs on TikTok, but this was by far my favorite for its simplicity. You need special materials like wood glue and a book press. But the latter is quite easy to make and/or buy. Other than that, you can even print the book and cover at home! Please be careful when scoring pages with a knife.

If you want to dive into all the bookish stuff on TikTok, check out our archive. It contains many recommendations, essays and quizzes for everyone!


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