Tiny children’s galleries appear on the streets


A few streets further, another diorama houses colorful origami animals against a rainbow background. It is the work of Daria Coleman, 5 years old.

“Baby animals are the ones that don’t have bodies and adults have bodies,” she says.

Elvie McNicholas, 5, and Marlon McNicholas, 3, with their small gallery.Credit:Eddie jim

Daria said her display was called “Apotosis abogavis”. Her mother Lisa Coleman said the project helped create a sense of “community connection”.

“Last year there were rainbows everywhere and teddy bears in every window. There aren’t that many left there.

The Neighborhood Museum was a “great way to keep going when we’re all a little tired,” she says.

The instigator of the project, Georgie Greer, completed her work at the Arts Center in June. She came up with the idea while she was at home with her own children, using her curatorial skills to “keep them engaged, busy and creative.”

Daria Coleman and her diorama featuring origami animals on a rainbow background.

Daria Coleman and her diorama featuring origami animals on a rainbow background. Credit:Eddie jim

She tested the idea with families at their daycare to gauge interest. On the first day, 10 families raised their hands. Today, around twenty households participate.

Ms Greer set up an Instagram feed for the neighborhood museum project, but said her real motivation was to encourage children to be outdoors and feel part of their community.

She hopes the idea will catch on.

“I just wanted to plant the seed… What would be nice if people take the idea and create their own. They could create their own museum boxes and display their displays, ”she says.


Bernie Casey of Complete Displays in Brunswick made weatherproof boxes for the first participants. His company usually works on major events like the Grand Prix and has been “crushed” by the pandemic.

Mr Casey said he was delighted to be involved.

“The kids feel good about themselves, I’m very happy about that… I think it’s one of those great stories that you don’t hear often enough these days.”

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